Luke 6: 27-39


Jesus speaks of God's kindness
Reading: Luke 6: 27-39

When Jesus explained how he was going to live, he said something like this:
“I do not live by bread alone, but by every word of God.” (Luke 4: 4)
Jesus chooses to live according to every word of God.
He decided to seek to obey God more than money or food.
He decided to seek to obey God more than any comfort.

In every word of God, the character of God is seen.
So, Jesus lived out God’s character/nature.
Then his life showed the nature/character of God.
His life manifested various actions of God.

So, now we know how God manifests in our world.
God’s thought is seen in the ministry of Jesus.
So when we understand how Jesus was faithful to obey every word of God, we understand God.
When we understand why Jesus forgives, loves, and serves.

For example, as for Jesus, kindness is very important.
Jesus encourages people to be more generous in their thinking.
Jesus emphasized this saying: “God desires mercy.” (Hosea 6:6)

Some religious leaders disagreed with Jesus and accused many of Jesus’ action and teachings.
For example, a religious group called “Pharisees” accuses Jesus and his students: Matthew 9: 9-13 and 12: 1-8.
They asked:
“Why do you eat with sinner?
Why do you eat with those who are far away from God?”
Jesus answered:
“Because God desires mercy.
So, I hang out with those who are away from God.
If you want to please God, do not judge them.
Rather, be kind to them.
That is more spiritual.”

People thought this was a new teaching.
It was totally against their tradition.
But Jesus taught:
“Be kind to the unexpected and the not religious.
Be generous and easy on them: outcasts or sinners.
Be particularly kind to those who least expected.
If you know God, you live like this gracefully.
The love of my Father is seen like this.

One time, the students of Jesus were so hungry.
Then when they passed by some field, they picked some heads of grain and ate them.
According to the religious tradition of Pharisees, this was a violation of the important religious law.
It was breaking the law of Sabbath, because they were working and picking heads of grain to eat.
So, they accused Jesus saying that his students were working on the Sabbath.
They wanted to know what was happening.

Jesus gave the same answer:
“God desires compassion.
Be kind to my hungry students.”

But they were too religious in a wrong way to accept this truth.

Knowing that God is compassion and kindness, Jesus offered his life on the cross to reconcile human beings to God and God to human beings.
If Jesus wanted to live for God, he had to show the truth of compassion and kindness.
So, Jesus took all responsibility upon himself to save the human kinds.
Then his life showed God’s true nature.
The resurrection of Jesus is God’s recognition of the life, teaching and life of Jesus.
Though people didn’t understand why Jesus had to die, God understood this must be done to bless all humanity.
So, God moved with Jesus Christ to show God’s kindness.
Then when we become close to Jesus, we also become kind.
We also become loving.
We also forgive all.

Let’s pray:
Jesus, may you help us today to experience your kindness.
May you help us to show your kindness to the people near us.
In your name, we pray.