The Gospel of Matthew


The Gospel of Matthew (Matthew, a teacher)
Reading: Matthew 21:2-7, Matthew 28:16-20
Blanks: authority, disciples, baptizing, obey

(2) Have you heard about the gospel of Matthew?
Who wrote this?
Let’s think about Matthew.
He knew various teachings of Jesus.
He was interested in the teachings of Jesus.
So, he had studied them, preached them and taught them.

(3) Then he saw the gospel of Mark.
Matthew thought that this was a great idea putting together the story of Jesus like this.
Then he realized that he also had various teachings of Jesus.
He had his collections of teachings and parables of Jesus.
So, he started to put them together and organized them in such a way to tell the story of Jesus.

(2) That is the gospel of Mathew.
So, in this gospel, there are many teachings of Jesus.
And people studied this gospel if they want to learn more about the teachings of Jesus.

For example, in this gospel, there are many sermons of Jesus: (chapter 5, 6, 7)
One of them is the Sermon on the Mount.
In this sermon, Jesus answered the following question:
Who is going to be blessed by God?

(1) They are those who are hungry after God, those who mourn, the submissive, the merciful, the pure in heart, the peacemakers, those who want God’s righteousness even if they are persecuted for it.
Then because they follow God like that, they will experience God’s mercy.
God will comfort them, call them God’s children and give them the kingdom of God.

(3) In this Sermon on the Mount, Jesus also said God sees their heart.
So, they should not put up a religious show.
Instead, they should really love their enemy and not judge them.
They should not worry but live for God.
Then with them, Jesus will start a new movement of God.
With them Jesus will change the world.

(2) Matthew also wrote down various parables.
You know what parable is, right?
Parables are the stories that Jesus told to explain about things such as the kingdom of God.

For example, here are some parables.
Jesus said something like this: Matt: 13:44-46
(3) “There is treasure hidden in a field.
When a man found it, he hid it again.
Then he went and sold everything he had and bought that field so that he could have this treasure.
This treasure is like the kingdom of God.

(3) “There was a merchant looking for fine pearls.
When he found one of great value, he sold everything he had and bought it. This pearl is like the kingdom of God.”

Telling these parables Jesus was saying that if people knew the true value of the kingdom of God, they will sell everything to buy it.

Matthew told about 24 parables like this in his gospel.
So, if you want to study the parables of Jesus, you want to read this gospel.
Then you may understand how God works in this world.

(3) Matthew also wrote this gospel for Jewish people.
So, we even had this gospel written in Hebrew like this.

Mathew wrote this gospel for those who knew the Hebrew Bible.
The Bible talked about how the Messiah would live.
There were many prophecies about the Messiah, the Christ.
Then Matthew wanted to prove that these prophecies were fulfilled in Jesus.

(3) For example, an Old Testament prophet, Zechariah lived about 600 years before the time of Jesus.
This prophet prophesied: (Zechariah 9:9)
“The Messiah will come, riding colt and donkey to Jerusalem.”

Then Matthew was saying that Zechariah was talking about Jesus.
(3) So, as the Messiah, and the King Jesus sat on the donkey and the colt, when he entered Jerusalem:
That is what he wrote: Matthew 21:2-7

But Matthew’s main purpose of writing gospel is to make disciples.
Because he remembered that Jesus said: (Matt 28: 16-20)
Let’s read together.
(3) “Go and make disciples of all nations…
Teach people of all nations to obey everything I have commanded you.”

That is why Matthew was adding various teachings of Jesus here.
Then he asked people to practice what Jesus says.
He asked people to obey what Jesus said.
Because then God will bless them.
God will do something great with them.
So, Mathew wanted that people would learn of Jesus and make disciples in Jesus’ name.

(3) Some of you may be like Matthew.
You studied the teachings of Jesus and understood them.
You know how to practice what Jesus says.
You know how to be blessed by God.
And you can help people to understand what Jesus says.

So, Maybe God is calling you to teach people.
When you teach, people may learn of Jesus, and put their faith in Jesus Christ.
Then they may find the true inner peace in him.
They may be even healed, as you share with them the story of Jesus.
Maybe Jesus wants to teach through you like this.
Think about that.

Let’s pray:
Jesus thank you for giving us your story.
We appreciate them very much.
May we live according to what you say so that we may be blessed by you.
In Jesus name, we pray amen.