John 6:56-69


Eat Jesus? (Taking communion as a act of faith)
Reading: John 6:56-69

About this time, Jesus fed five thousand people with two fishes and five breads. It was because he wanted people to believe in him.
As they look for foods, Jesus wants them to seek him.
Because those who seek him like that will live truly.

We sometimes, experience God’s miracles.
It is because Jesus wants you to believe in him more.

(1) God has sent Jesus.
Jesus lives on earth because of God.
So, he desires that many people will live also because of Jesus.
He says in order that people to live like this, they need to eat him.
He says, whoever eats him will live forever because he is the bread that came down from God.
Do you think you can truly live if you eat Jesus?
When you take Communion once a month, are you doing to live truly?

(2) We do that because Jesus says, “My flesh is real food and my blood is real drink. By eating my flesh and drinking my blood you enter into me and I into you.”
Jesus desires to live in every part of our beings: emotion, knowledge, or mind.
So, Jesus says, “Eat me. I want to be in you. So, have me in you.”
Jesus desires to live in us.
If we believe in him, Jesus and we can live together as one.

(3) Jesus asks us to eat him.
How can we eat him?
When we believe in him, we eat him.

What happens when we believe in Jesus?
When we “eat” Jesus and his words, and when we believe in him, we are going to understand the Holy Spirit and live forever.

Jesus says, “The Spirit gives life. The words I have spoken to you, they are full of the Spirit and life.”

The Holy Spirit is continually giving life on earth.
This Holy Spirit is in the words of Jesus Christ.
The full of the Holy Spirit is in the words of Jesus.
When we listen to the words of Jesus, we listen to the words of the Holy Spirit.
Knowing the Holy Spirit, we can truly live.

The ministry of Jesus and the ministry of the Holy Spirit were one.
So, Jesus asks his students to know the Holy Spirit.
Following Jesus, they will have many moments with the Holy Spirit.
They need to draw life and energy from the Holy Spirit.
They need to remember how the Holy Spirit is present to them.

When they understand Jesus, they were getting to know the Holy Spirit.
When they know the Holy Spirit is a good person, they would know Jesus is a good person.
Because Jesus and the Holy Spirit are one.
Jesus was able to rise from the death, and to where he was before, because he was one with the Holy Spirit.

Being with the Holy Spirit, we have life.
When we eat the Holy Spirit, we can truly live.
When the Holy Spirit works in our mind, we can pray believing that everything is possible.

God the Father can help us to believe in Jesus.
The Holy Spirit can make us find joy and peace in Jesus.
The Holy Spirit can train us to see things through the eyes of Jesus.
When we sense the guidance of Holy Spirit like this, we will feel freedom.
We will be grateful.
We will live the abundant life that Jesus promised.

But hearing this, many disciples turned back and left.
They need something they can tough and feel.
They cannot risk their life for this kind of concept of eating Jesus while he was alive in their own eyes.
They follow Jesus as a good teacher.
But Jesus was asking them to believe in him and live.
It is something more than they can take at this moment.
So, they stop following Jesus.

Looking at this, Jesus asked his twelve key students, saying, “Do you also want to leave me?”

(4) Luckily, Peter was able to remember his experiences with Jesus.
He knew what “happened” to him.
He was able to reflect on various events of his days with Jesus.
Peter felt joy helping Jesus to love other people.
Following Jesus was exciting.
Many aspects of his days have been changed.
He gained more insights and understandings.

Jesus was brining something from God.
When Peter was listening and obeying the words of Jesus, he felt good.
He enjoyed his experience of the Holy Spirit.
He never knew this kind of joy before he knew Jesus.
He even sensed sensations.
He felt his whole body tingled with excitement, sometimes.
When he closes his eyes and imagines how his future would turn out following him, he felt joy and peace of the Holy Spirit.
He senses the will of God.
He recognizes how much he is wired to follow Jesus.

So, Simon Peter said to Jesus, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of real life, eternal life. We believe and know that you are the Holy One of God.”

Peter was here before Jesus Christ.
He was waiting on him.
When Jesus spoke, Peter was able to see things through the eyes of Jesus.
When Jesus spoke his desires, he got to know the Holy Spirit who works in his life and other people’s life.
Peter now knows what is of Jesus and what is of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is working in Peter to will and to act.
Then Peter was able to fulfill a good purpose of God. (Philippians 2:13)

So, Simon Peter was willing to risk his life to follow Jesus.
This was his purpose of living.

What is your purpose of living?
The Holy Spirit is working in you so that you may also know Jesus.
The Holy Spirit is working in you so that you may make plans and do something in keeping with the good purpose of God.

What is your purpose of living?
If you don’t find your purpose, you may feel meaninglessness which may make you weak or even sick.
Meaningfulness makes you well. Then you may come out of a difficult situation.
When you find your purpose of living, you can find joy and live well, spiritually and physically.

Jesus desires that his joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete. (John 15:11)

For this joy, Jesus asks us to eat him.
How can we do that daily?
One of the ways is to have daily QT (a quite time with God).
Spend time with God maybe early in the morning or right before going to sleep.
Do it daily, even if it is only a little.
Just like eating a meal, we need to "eat" Jesus and live daily with him.
Just like they breathe, we need to drink daily in the Holy Spirit and breathe out their sins.
So, do daily something that makes you connected with God and feel peace and joy.
When do you feel joy in Jesus?
If these activities do not give troubles to anybody, you may on your way to find your calling.
When we are doing the will of God, we may feel joy and peace.
When you struggle to follow Jesus, and when you work hard to obey what Jesus says, you often find peace, joy and humble conviction.
So have Jesus live in you like this.
Practice QT.
It may change the direction of your life forever.
It will change the quality of your days.
Christ will be real in your life.

I think it will be really difficult to say good bye to Pastor Park.
Before he is a pastor, he is our brother who we need to love in Jesus.
Many of you will miss him for many months to come.
As you are going through this grief period, many feelings will pass by.
You will feel anger, guilt, feeling sorry, wanting to say sorry, and so on.
Luckily, you have a time to do some of these. Bless him as much as you can. Pray for him, his family and his ministry.
Also, in this time, I bless you that you may rest enough and have a good time with God daily.