Luke 19:28-40 (1)


Jesus, the King of Peace
Reading: Luke 19:28-40
Words: colt - young male horse/donkey under the age of four; untie – free a donkey from a tree; olive
Blanks: Jerusalem, Blessed, Peace

It was almost the end of Jesus’ ministry.
So, Jesus was wrapping things up.

(1) But other people were like:
“What do you think?
Do you think that Jesus will become our new king?

“I hope so.
I hope that he would be our king.
You know he could heal people and perform miracles.
And he is wise enough to become our king.”

While people were talking like this, Jesus was preparing to end his ministry.
He’s already planned it out in detail.

His plan was like this.
Today, on this Sunday, he wanted to march to Jerusalem.
Then on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, he wanted to teach people.
Then on Thursday, he would be captured.
Then on Friday, he would die in Jerusalem.
Then, on Sunday, he would rise up again.
That was his plan.

Jesus also all planned out on how to enter Jerusalem.
So, Jesus said to two of students:
“Go to the village ahead of you.
Then, you will find a young donkey tied there.
This donkey has never given a ride to anyone.
But untie it and bring it to me.
And if someone asks you:
“Why are you untying it?”
Then tell him:
‘The Lord needs it.’
Then they will let you have it.”

Then, the two students went and brought a young donkey.
Then Jesus wanted to have a parade.
Before he died, Jesus wanted to have a parade.
Jesus knew that he was the king.
And Jerusalem was his city.
So, Jesus wanted to march like this today.

But the disciples were not impressed.
They even worried about him.
There were some problems here.
First, this donkey has never given a ride to anyone.
(2) So, who knows what this donkey might do?

Secondly, Jesus was not prepared to be a king.
(3) Jesus didn’t have any soldier for him.
He didn’t even have a place to stay.
They wanted to be his soldiers.
But Jesus taught them to love their enemy and not to use any weapons.

Jesus was like this, because he believed that he was the king of peace.
(2) But he wanted to march riding a humble donkey today as other king.

Then since Jesus was like this, the disciples put their coats on the donkey.
They put Jesus on it.
Then they started to march.

Then people began to come out and march with them.
(3) They knew Jesus healed the sick.
They heard Jesus raised the dead.
They knew that Jesus performed miracles.
They heard that Jesus walked on water.

Then as they march, more people came out.
Some of them even started to shout:
(1) “Hooray for Jesus!
Yeeha for our new king!
Finally God sent us the king!
Praise God!
Now may all people see the glory of God!”

Then some people came out waving their palm branches.
(6) Some people put their coats on the road as Jesus was passing by.
Then they were like:
“Come out everyone.
Here is Jesus, the miracle maker!”

Then it excites people.
So, they come to join Jesus today.
Then more people came out shouting:
“Jesus is our king.
God bless our king.”

(3) But then some religious leaders and scholars rebuked Jesus:
“Jesus, are you hearing what they are saying?
You are not a king.
So, tell these people to stop.”

(6) But Jesus was like: (slow)
“I am the king.
That is why I am here.
I am the king of Jerusalem, the king of the world, and the king of the universe.”

What Jesus wanted to show here was who God is.
Jesus wanted to help people understand God.
So, he was riding a donkey today.
Doing this ordinary thing, Jesus wants to show how God may live on earth.

In this way, Jesus wanted to tell them about him.
Jesus was saying:
“I am the king.
I am a different king.
But still I am the king.
I am the king who serves God.
I am the king who does what God wants.
I am the king through whom people may make peace with God and through whom God make peace with people.
So, join me today, in this march and understand what is like to live in my faith.”

Let us pray:
Jesus, thank you for showing your humble way.
May we understand and obey your way of living.
May we join you in your march for God and for peace.
Our king of peace, may you come and make our world a world of peace and shalom today and forever.
In your name, we pray. Amen.