Matthew 18:21-22


Forgive from your hearts
Reading: Matthew 6: 14 -15; Mark 11: 22-25; Matthew 18:21-22, (23-35)
Additional readings: John 20:23, 2 Corinthians 2: 5-11, Colossians 3:13, James 5:15
Blanks: forgive, he (God), first, will

Do you think Jesus holds grudges?
Do you think Jesus makes people to pay for their sin?
(2) No, Jesus tries to forgive them and understand them.
In fact, Jesus tries to forgive them from the heart.
Jesus wants to give them new chances to live well.
In this way, Jesus helps people experience God.
You see, Jesus is very patient.

(2) Then much to our surprise, Jesus asks us to forgive just like him.
Can we forgive like him?
Jesus was like:
“If you want to follow me, you need to forgive.
You need to forgive people from your heart.
Then, God will forgive you, as well.”

Then some of you may say:
“Yeah, I can forgive then.”
Then some of you may say:
It would be very difficult for me.”

But Jesus asks us to forgive because it is good for us.
And we can forgive people in the power of the Holy Spirit.
By God’s help, we can forgive them from our own heart.
So, Jesus asks us to try:
Try to pray for people and try to understand them.
Try to bless them.

Now I would like to show you a video.
It may be difficult for you to understand.
But let’s try.
Let’s watch: http://youtu.be/uGfNM08ef7c

(1) Jesus says something like this:
“Love your enemies.
Bless your enemies.
Forgive your enemies.”

(3) But unfortunately, as for her, her father was like an enemy.
She was mad at him.
But God asked her to forgive him.
So, she tried.
Then, God asked her to ask for forgiveness from her father.

(1) But she had some wounds in her heart because of her father.
But she tried, because God asked her to.
(2) As she tried to obey and forgive her father from her heart, God was able to cure her heart as well.
Then she saw what is possible in God.
She learned that it is possible to forgive in the power of the Holy Spirit.

(3) In this way Jesus was able to love her father through her.
Then, Jesus could build a family of love.
Jesus could start a movement of peace in her family.
Then Jesus could improve her family life.

So, forgiveness is very important to God.
So, even God tries to forgive continually.
And that is why God sent his Son to us.

(3) As for Jesus, there are two things that make him sad.
First is when people don’t love him very much.
Second is when people don’t even try to forgive.
If people don’t do these things, they might not be able to experience God or understand God.
But if they try, they would get to know God.
They would experience God.
They would be able to see what is possible in God.
They would be able to have God’s peace, God’s freedom and God’s health forever.

Let’s pray:
Jesus, help us to forgive people from our hearts so that we may shine your light, your character, and your kindness.
Help us to forgive so that we may share the fullness of your love throughout our days.
May you also forgive our sin and restore our life.
In Jesus name, we pray.