Mark 12:31

Reading: Mark 12:31

Jesus said, “Love your neighbors as you love yourself.”

Jesus was, of course, assuming that you love yourself.
Do you really love yourself?
In order to find out I want to have you say these words after me.
So, repeat after me, and tell me how you feel.

I love myself.
I love~ myself.
I love as I am.
I accept as I am.
I am wonderfully created.
I believe I can do all things in Christ.

How do you feel?

You can love others, as you love yourself.
If you know how to love yourself, you know how to love others.
If you know how to make you happy, you may know how to make others happy.

Why did Jesus talk about this love so much?
It is because “Love” is the answer.
Love is the great healing.
Love is the good medicine.

We all have weaknesses.
We make mistakes sometimes.
Sometimes we know we made mistakes.
Sometimes we don’t even know that we made mistakes.
But if we love God, you don’t need to take life too seriously.
If you love God, sometimes, you can laugh at yourself, because you know that God loves you and forgives you.

So, forgive yourself.
When you made a mistake, you know that God can make things better.
God can cover you and protect you.
God will help you forget it and move on.
If you need to make it right, ask God to help you make it right and move on.
You are wonderful made.
There are plenty of opportunities for you to do something good in this world.
So, love yourself and love others.
Love everyone including yourself. OK?

Let’s pray:
Jesus, help us to live and love everyone including ourselves.
We believe that your love is greater than ocean.
You think of us in your grace.
Help us to love you as you love us.
And give us power and energy to serve the world you created.
In the name of Jesus, Amen.