Mark 7: 24-30


Humble faith
Reading: Mark 7: 24-30
Blanks: secret, children, eat

(1) Do you have any friends who are Jewish?
Do you know what Jewish means?
Old Testament talked about many Jewish people.
Jewish people are children of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and Judah and David and so on.

But do you know that Jesus was also Jewish?
Yeah, Jesus chose to be born as a Jew.
Why is that?
I mean Jesus is God, right?
So, Jesus could be born as a Korean or an American.
Why was Jesus born as a Jew?

(1) Well, God has been working very hard on Jewish people.
If you read the Old Testament, that is, if you read the first part of the bible, you can learn about that.
(1) God wanted to bless Jewish people so that through them, God could bless the people of every nation.
It didn’t work very well.
But God wanted to try continually.
(2) So, two thousand years ago, God sent Jesus to Israel.
So, Jesus was born in Israel.
Jesus grew up there.
At that time, most Jewish people lived in Israel.

(3) Then when Jesus started to preach, he preached to Jewish people.
Jesus healed many Jewish people.
His disciples were Jewish.
Jesus helped them to understand God better.

(4) Then Jesus understands that his disciples will spread his story to other nations.
They will tell his story to all nations.
Also the disciples of their disciples will share the story of Jesus with others.
They will help other people to understand God.
In this way, the gospel will be preached to all nations.

That was God’s plan.
So, Jesus served mainly Jewish people.
(5) But then today, Jesus went to this place where a lot of people of other nations live.
Not many Jewish people were here.

Then some people may wonder why Jesus went there.
Jesus went there to rest.
He wanted to rest awhile.
(5) Besides, at this time, Jewish religious leaders already wanted to get rid of Jesus.
So, Jesus thought that it was not a good time for him to die and rise again.
He needed to teach his students more.
His students were not ready.
Jesus wanted to prepare them and show his faith more clearly.
So for awhile, Jesus decided to visit some other nations.
Then after things cooled down, Jesus wanted to come back and finish his ministry.

(4) That is why Jesus was in this town of Lebanon.
But in this town many people already believed in Jesus.
They believed that Jesus could heal people.
They believed that Jesus could drive out the demons.
You know, their hearts were already ready to accept Jesus.

Particularly, in this city, there was a lady.
She was not a Jewish woman.
(4) But, she had faith.
Then, she was looking for Jesus, because her child needed a healing.
Then as she found him, she fell at his feet and asked Jesus to heal her child.

Jesus knew that this lady would come.
In fact, he was waiting for her.
But Jesus said something strange.
He was like:
“I need to take care of my Jewish people, first.
I need to take care of my children, first.
You know, I cannot take my children's bread and give it to the dogs, when they have not finished eating yet.
You know what I mean.”

It is a very strange answer from Jesus. (smile)
Jesus healed everyone who came for healing.
He never said no.
Jesus healed many people who were not Jewish before.
But now Jesus pretended that he didn’t.

(6) Also, have you noticed that Jesus compared her with a dog?
Jesus came to die for her, too.
Jesus loved her and her people.
But Jesus was pretending that he wanted to refuse her request.

Jesus knew everything about her.
Jesus knew how she was going to handle this.
Jesus knew that this lady was a mother and this mother would not give up.
Jesus knew that this lady had enough faith.
It seemed that Jesus was trying to give her a chance to show her great faith so that everyone could see it.

Now let’s hear how she responded.
She said something like this:
(4) "Ok. But even the dogs can eat what is fallen from the table.
So, everyone can be healed because of you, then.
Now, can you please remove this bad spirit from my child?”

This lady was humble and calm.
This lady laid down her own national or racial pride before Jesus.
She laid down her pride, because she loved her child.

She accepted that God has been working among the Jews.
And she wanted to be part of what God was doing.
In this way, she entered into the life of faith.
Then Jesus became the answer of her prayer.

(4) Seeing her great faith, Jesus didn’t need to do anything.
He didn’t need to go and see the child.
Instead, Jesus just said something like this:
“You got it, child.
Now you may go.
Your daughter is completely healed.
Your faith has healed your child.
You have such a humble faith.
I am so encouraged by it.”

Then when she went home, she found her child totally healed.
She was so grateful.

Jesus knew that this story would be told over and over and over.
This story would be told everywhere.
So, Jesus wanted to create a story so that everyone could see her humble faith.
Because of her faith, even Jesus was rejuvenated and strengthened.

(9) Now let’s think about Jesus again.
Jesus was God as well as a Jewish man.
He started his ministry in Israel.
Jesus was called to share his gospel with Jewish people first.
But time to time, he was called to preach to other people, and help people of other nations, too.
Jesus was ok with it.
Because he knew that his gospel eventually would be preached to everyone.
It is because God does not give up on anyone.
God wants everyone to experience God’s love.

So, here is something to think about.
(1) Jesus may also ask you to go to a nation and tell them about his story.
Jesus may ask you to go and preach to some specific people.
Jesus may ask you to preach to the Jews.
Jesus may ask you to reach out to young people like you.
Jesus may ask you to reach out to Asian people.
Jesus may ask you to preach the gospel to African people.
Jesus may ask you to share his story with Americans.

But then, time to time, Jesus may ask you to preach to other group of people, too.
You may not know them very well.
You may have not been prepared for them very well.

But then since Jesus ask you to, you may try to help them.
You pray for them so that they may have humble faith and understand the love of Jesus.
Then as you share his gospel, you may find that they are ready to accept the gospel of Jesus Christ.
They are ready to have faith and live in Jesus.

So, you don’t need to do much for these people.
You may just go and help them a bit.
Then, they may live a wonderful life of Jesus Christ.

(4) It seems that is what happened in our text today.
Jesus was there.
He didn’t do much.
But Jesus helped everyone to discover that this lady was also the child of God.
Jesus was just so happy about it.

Let’s pray:

Jesus, help us to serve wherever we are.
Help us to have this humble that you have.
Help us to share that faith with others.
Thank you, Jesus. In your name, we pray. Amen.