Pastoral Prayer 18

Jesus, you love us.
You emotionally, voluntarily and unconditionally love us.
So you gave your life to free us.
You gave your life to guide us and lead us.

Then risen from the death, you always live among us.
Thank you for your presence, peace and joy.
Thank you for taking care of our weakness and taking care of our life.
Thank you for liberating us to live your life.

May we live and live in harmony with you and with your people.
May we recognize your presence among us more and more.
May we recognize your guidance more and more.
May we serve each other according to your will.
In this way, may we understand you more and more.

Thank you for sending your people to serve you in various countries, in various forms and in various ministries.
Bless them to teach and speak for you.
Bless them to serve you.
Bless them to have your joy, peace, love, power, faith, and victory in life.

Now we entrust to you our family and friends, all who ask for our prayers and who pray for us.
May your good will be done among them.
Inspire them to do what you will.
May you speak through them and live through them so that people around them may experience you.

We also pray for those who always remains in our heart.
Give them your peace and healing.
Bless them to understand you more.
Heal their minds and create in them a new spirit to serve you.
Fill them with your love.
And help them to live your life.

Jesus, now we pray for our church.
May you accomplish your good will through us and among us and in us.
May we love what you love.
May we live understanding your plan and your will and your mind.
May your good will be done in our life forever.

In Jesus name we pray.