Prayers of the people 11

Jesus Christ, thank you for guiding us and working in our life.
Thank you for helping us to know you and experience you.
Thank you for loving and taking care of those who we love.
Thank you for your work in the lives of all people.

Jesus, we remember your story of prodigal son.
Through the story you told us that God loves all those who have gone away from God.
Their leaving didn’t make God love them any less.
You still love them.
Then when they return, you welcome them and forgive them.
Then you proclaim:
“Now you are new creatures in God.
You are the children of God.
You are the heirs of God’s all good things.”

You have empowered us with your faith so that we may live your life.
Thank you for guiding us to come closer to you.
Help all of us to love you back just like you love us and care for us.
May we also forgive all those who you forgive.

May we use our power and energy for you and your people.
May we use our life, mind, thoughts and imagination for your love.
May we offer our hearts and our thoughts and our mind to you.
In this way, may we find your true life.

Today we celebrate your life!
We celebrate what you have done.
We praise you for remembering the way you love all people.
Thank you for investing your life for us.
Thank you for showing us how to use the ability that God has given.

Now we entrust to you our family and friends, all who ask for our prayers and who pray for us.
May you be experienced among them.
May they receive your words today.
May you lead them into the path of righteousness.

May you come and change them for you.
Just like you fed five thousand people with one’s person’s lunch, may you feed them spiritually and physically so that they may be able to love you and serve you.
Touch and heal our minds, and fill them with your joy.
Protect us so that we may make your name known and praised throughout the world.

Today, may we hear your voice.
May we respond to your story in the way you want.
May we praise and worship you in the way you want.
May you be praised in spirit and in truth.
Thank you for hearing our prayer.
We praise you.
We love you.
In Jesus name, we pray.