Pastoral Prayer 12

Jesus, you have washed our feet.
You have served us.
You have given us the grace of God.
You shine your truth on us.
You pour out your Holy Spirit on us.

May we listen to you and be changed.
Give us faith to be changed.
Give us understanding.
May we be transformed according to your words.
May we also serve your people and submit to each other.

Jesus the Christ, You are with us.
Even when we are afraid, you are with us.
Even when we doubt, you are with us.

May we understand more and more of you.
May we discover what you want of us.
May we obey more and more of your will.

Jesus, we want to be changed by you.
Change our hearts by your words.
Open our eyes to see your movement.
Open our ears to hear your voice.
Help us find the answers to our life.

Help us find the life, way, and truth in you.

The Spirit of Jesus, help us to trust you.
Help us to be free from worry.
Help us to forgive and move on.
Help us free from stress.

Jesus, you are the resurrection.
Through you, we can live.
Through you, we will rise again.
You bring our soul back to life.
So, we come to you knowing that you wait for us.
Help us to live a good life because of you.

May we follow your footsteps, spreading your Gospel.
May we love you and give our life to you.
May we follow you faithfully just because you love us.
Help us to find God who love us.

Inspire our teachers to share your wisdom and knowledge.
Inspire our kids to listen your words and live according to who you are.

It is meaningless to worship you when you are not with us.
So, Jesus opens the heaven and comes and helps us to worship you and receive your blessings.
And your blessings may overflow to the world that you love.

We pray this in Jesus name.