The Gospel of Mark 1


The Gospel of Mark 1
Reading: Mark 9:14-29
Blanks: arguing, generation, Bring, Everything, command, prayer

(2) It was after Jesus ascended to heaven.
People thought that Jesus would come back very soon.
So, they needed to go out and preach the gospel until Jesus come.

But Jesus didn’t come back right away.
So now they have been preaching for 40 years.
But Jesus had not come back.
So, they realized that they needed to write down what Jesus had said and done, for next generations.

(2) First, Mark realized this.
So, he started to write down the story of Jesus.
Then he produced this gospel of Mark.
Have you heard about it?
Have you read it?

Now who is Mark?
(3) Mark was a pastor at Alexandria.
There he helped people to learn the story of Jesus.

Then where did he learn this story of Jesus from?
He learned this story from Peter.
(2) Because he was an interpreter of Peter for awhile.
Do you know who interpreter is?
Right, they are people who translate words from one language to the other.
So, they need to know two languages very well.
Then they can accurately translate what they are translating.

(2) Mark had been translating what Peter was saying about Jesus.
Translating him, he learned the story of Jesus.
Then when he learned enough, he could tell this story.
He remembered it.
Then even he decided to write down so that all the future generation can learn about Jesus the Savior.

(2) When Mark tells the story, he didn’t like to use many extra words.
He was not creating a literature with beautiful words.
He just wanted to say the facts and move on.
So, he tells the story fast using words like “immediately” “as soon as” “at once” “a few days later” “once again” or “another time.”

Mark was like:
(1) “Jesus was baptized.
Immediately he went to the desert.
Then right away he did this and that.
The Jesus performed miracles.
Jesus heals people.
Then immediately, many people followed Jesus.
But Jesus still was up and down and up and down all over the Israel.
Then Jesus raised the dead.
(3) Jesus walks on water.
Jesus calms the stormy sea.
Jesus fed five thousand people out of a few fishes and a few bread.
A few days later, he again fed four thousand people.
Then Jesus said that he would die and rise again.
Then he really died and rose again from the dead.”

(3) This is how Mark tells the story.
Why is he talking like this?
Well, it may be that it was his habit of talking.
When he talks, he talks like this.

Or, it may be that it was his way of getting people’s attention.
He was like:
“Pay attention because the story moves so fast.”

Or, Mark was writing like this because Peter told the story like this.
Peter’s experience of following Jesus was like that.
It was difficult for him to follow Jesus, because everything happened so fast.

Or, Mark was just excited about the story of Jesus.
And Mark knew the importance of the story of Jesus.
And he believed that this story must be told.
So, he wanted to write fast so that he could share the story of Jesus right away.
So, he tells the story in hurry.
So, the gospel of Mark is very short.

Now some of you may be like Mark.
(3) You have read the story over and over.
You have studied the story of Jesus.
God has helped you to understand the story.
Now you want to tell the story of Jesus.

Some of you are like Mark but have not really study the story of Jesus yet.
So, I encourage you to read and study the story.
Ask God to help you understand the story.

Luckily for you, there are various resources out there that you can use to study.
There are various translations of the Bible.
(1) You can watch various videos that show the story of Jesus.

And in order to help you understand the story, some people have written how Jesus might have lived, if Jesus were born today in USA.
They even made films out of it.
So, watching those films, you may be able to imagine how Jesus might have lived, if Jesus were a Korean or a Korean American living in USA or living in Korea today.

(2) Maybe God wants to use you to tell the story like God has used Mark to tell the story, because there are many people who haven't heard this story or understand what God is like.
So, I want you to be prepared to share the story of Jesus.
Think about this story.
Play with this story, so that you may learn to tell the story.

Let’s pray:
Jesus, we praise you.
We worship you.

God, we worship you because you have given your Son Jesus to save us.
May we tell his story faithfully in the way you want.
In Jesus name, we pray.