Luke 15:21-24

Reading: Luke 15:21-24
K-hymn: 490

In the bible, there is an important word.
It is Loving-Kindness.
In Hebrew it is חֶסֶד.
It can be also translated as compassion, mercy, steadfast love, or unconditional love.
The bible explained about how God’s everlasting compassion and forgiveness and unconditional love are manifested.
The bible said that because God has חֶסֶד (steadfast love and compassion) God doesn’t give up on people.

Likewise, God also encourages people to have חֶסֶד, and show compassion and unconditional love to their neighbors.
God wants more loving kindness on this earth.

This loving kindness is explained in the story of the prodigal son.
The father in the story expressed this loving kindness.
This father portrayed God who continually waits and waits for God’s children to return.
“Will they return today?”
In steadfast love, God asks:
“When are they going to return to me?”

When we return to God’s love (חֶסֶד), we are saved.
When we depend on God’s loving kindness, we are saved.
Then God can have us return to our hope and future.
God can embrace us again as God’s people.
This loving kindness of God helps us loyal to God, just like God is loyal to us.

May we be the people of this loving kindness.