Prayers of the people 10

Jesus, you wait for us in the depth of our hearts.
You are waiting for us to give all to you so that you may take hold of us and take over for us.
Because many of us are afraid of unknown, you say:
“Don’t be afraid.
I am here.
I am the resurrection and life.
I can revive you and make you live again.
I have come to give you an overflowing life.”

Yes, Jesus.
We give you all.
May we embrace your plan so that we may live in such a way that we may shine your light.
May your plan be accomplished in our life.

Jesus, thank you for all your works and ministry for us.
When you touch your neighbors, you heal them.
All those who call on your name are healed.
You come and take their burden that is unbearable.
You take upon yourself and solve it.

But Jesus there is a problem.
As we interact with our neighbors, we sometimes wound them.
It happens even when we don’t want to and mean to.
Help us so that we may also heal our neighbors in your name.
Help us to live like you.
Help us to pray like you and think like you.
May our thought and wish be holy in your sight.

Now to you we entrust our families and friends, all who have asked for our prayers, who pray for us, and whom we name before you now in our silence.

We also pray for those whose names are not spoken but remained in our heart.

Jesus, give them healings and peace beyond understanding.
Show yourself to them even now.
Empower them and heal them for your name sake.
May your power be experienced even to those who don’t expect anything from you.
May our prayer turns into joy.

Inspire our teachers and speak through them.
Help them to understand your ideas.
Help them to understand more and more so that we may move along with your plan.

We pray this in your name.