Matthew 25:31-46 (5)


Help the poor
Reading: Matthew 25:31-46
Blanks: Enter, gave, Get out, visited, reward

(3) One day Jesus will be back.
He will come back as the King of all nations.

But what will happen, when Jesus comes back?

Jesus said this kind of things will happen.
(3) When he is back, Jesus will try to find all those who help the poor.
Jesus will find all the people who helped another person.
Jesus will find all those who take care of the sick.
Jesus will find all those who visit people in prison.

Then Jesus will thank them and said:
“I was sick.
But you looked after me.
I was in prison.
But you have visited me.
I was alone.
But you have come to visit me.

“You took care of God’s children in the power of the Holy Spirit.
The Holy Spirit was very pleased taking care of the poor with you.
So, now come and receive what I prepare for you.”

(3) But then Jesus says to those who didn’t help the poor.
“I encouraged you to help the poor.
I gave opportunities to help the hungry.
I gave you couple of chances to visit those in prison.
Like this I showed you those who needed your help.
But you were not interested in helping them.
What happened to you?

(3) I was hungry.
I was thirsty.
So, I ask you to come and help me.
But you ignored me.

“All these years, I was inviting you to be part of God’s mission on earth.
I wanted to help you so that you could show God’s love to the poor.
But I could not work through you.
So our relationship was weakened and eventually broken.
So, go away from me, because I don’t know you anymore.”

What do we learn from this story?
We learn that when we see the hungry, we are seeing Jesus who is hungry.
When we see the thirsty, we are seeing Jesus who is thirsty.

So, we have done some ministries to help the poor.
Let’s see what we have done.

(3-3) For example, you have went to Salvation Army Soup Kitchen to provide a lunch for the poor for a couple of times.
When you provide lunch, I am sure that Jesus may be saying to you:
“When I was hungry, you gave me food.
When I was thirsty, you gave me drink.
You provided what I needed.
I was able to use your hands to serve the children of God.
So, thank you for feeding the hungry with me.”

(3-3) You also have done a car wash to raise funds to help the poor in Nicaragua.
In fact some of you went to Nicaragua to help the poor.
I know it was difficult.

We are continually supporting them.
We also donated some money so that they could build a medical facility in Nicaragua.

(3) You have performed many concerts at various nursing home to comfort the elderly.

(4) We know that many people need clean water.
Millions of people die every year because they don’t have clean water.
Many children under the age of five died because of it.
That is why you are practicing today for annual charity concert.
In this way, every Christmas season, you have raised fund like this.

(3) Then we donate those money to Living Waters for the World.
(3) Then this organization goes and sets up a water purification system at remote villages to provide clean water.

(5) I also know that some of you sponsor a child through this organization called Compassion.
What does this organization do?
When they receive donation from you, they find a child who lives without schooling and without proper food and clothing.
Then, they provide them food, and new clothing.
They educate them so that they can become at least a High School graduate.
In this way, they share God’s love with children.
In this way, they share the story of Jesus with children.

(1) I also know some of you bought shoes from TOMS.
What does this company do?
This company is found to give out shoes to the poor.
If they sell a pair of shoes here in US, they give a new pair of shoes to the poor for free.
One for one.
If they sell a pair of glasses here, they give a pair of glasses to the poor for free.
One of one.
This is a new shoes company that gives out shoes to those in need.
With this One for One business model, they are continually able to give out shoes.
And they are growing and sustainable.

(3) Lastly, you are doing a food drive today to help the poor.
On Thanksgiving season, we donate food to the Bethesda House of Schenectady who provides food to the hungry.
We’ve also donated some clothing to them so that they can give to the poor.

Last year, I was asked to deliver our donation to them.
Then it was funny when I gave them our donations, I felt the presence of God.
I felt God was with me as I give those donations to them.

Anyway, we do these services because we know that Jesus would love this and say:
“Thank you for helping the poor.
Whenever you share God’s love like this, I am there.
Whenever you share God’s love like this, you become the body of Christ.
I love to take care of those who need clean water, food and clothing.
I love to help the poor with you.
So, I will help you so that you can use God’s power to help the poor.”

You see, Jesus wants to work through us.
Jesus wants to help the poor through us.
Jesus tries to teach us so that we can help them better in God’s way.

In this way we also share the story of Jesus with our own hands.
In this way, we can share the story of Jesus.
So, let's continually help the poor in the way that Jesus guides us.

Let’s pray:
Jesus, we pray for the poor.
They are your precious children.
You want to help them.
So, help us to serve you and work with you.
Help us to live your life in your power.
Help us to use your gifts and talents to serve you.
In Jesus name, we pray.