Prayers of the people 5

Jesus, our joy and delight!
Thank you for your birth.
Thank you for your life.
Thank you for your words.
Thank you for giving us your peace.
Thank you for giving us a childlike faith.
Thank you for giving us your faith to simplify our life.
Thank you for giving us new future.
Thank you that we are new creatures in you.

We pray that you use Korea, and this nation and this world for your name sake.
May these nations hear your voices and follow you all the way.
May your story inspire these nations to serve the world.
May all nations serve each other.

May you bless all the churches in the world and all the ministers of your ministry.
May they share the story of Jesus so that all the world may understand you and welcome you.

Jesus, you are encouraging us and say:
“I have overcome the world.
I am giving my Spirit to you.
Be courageous.
Everything will be alright.
God is with you.
God is for you.
God will be faithful to you.
Trust me and live my life.”

We respond and say in the faith of Jesus:
"Jesus, you are our God, our king and our CEO.
You are in control!
You rule humbly in the right way.
May we move and work with you in the power of the Holy Spirit."

Now we bless our families and friends.
We pray for all who have asked for our prayers, and who pray for us.
We bless our coworkers in our job places.
We bless all those who we remember and are remained in our heart.
Jesus, bless them, as we pray for them and bless them in this silence.

Jesus, may you bless them giving them healing and peace.
May they live your life on earth.
May they hear your your words, experience your love and live having your faith.

Jesus, you have shown the way of life so that we may follow you.
Help us understand better so that we may live your life today.
Fill us with your Spirit.
And help us to live in the power of the Holy Spirit.
May we find you in our life.

To you who love us, all the glory, all the praise, all the honor forever and ever.
In your name, we pray.