Pastoral Prayer 19

Jesus, you are gentle and humble.
We hear your gentle calling saying:
“You, follow me.”

Sometimes, we wonder whether we are here, because you have called us here.
May you lead us into the right path.

You call us to follow you.
So many Christians are all over the world.
You send them all over the world to prepare your coming.
May we love your people wherever we are.
When you invite us to be part of your project and your plan, help us to obey.
And help us to feel what you feel about that project and plan.
May we follow you, giving our lives in the place where we live.
Help us to take the risk.
Help us to love and suffer with you.
Help us to forget about ourselves and follow you and work for the reconciliation of your Church.

Jesus, help us to follow you together.
May you establish necessary network of your people.
When you speak to us, help us respond courageously.
May we keep on moving forward, sustained by your Spirit.

Now to you we entrust our family and friends, all who have asked for our prayers and who pray for us.
May they realize that your love will always be with them.
May your name be holy in our family.
May you reign our family.
May your will be done in our family.
May we receive our daily bread.
May we forgive each other.
To you all the praise, honor, forever and ever.

Jesus, you want us to become new creatures in you.
Touch and heal our minds, and fill them with your Spirit.
In your name, we pray.

Forgive our nations' sin.