Acts 1: 4-8 and 2:1-4

Wait for God
Reading: Acts 1: 4-8 and 2:1-4
Reading: 1 Samuel 13: 1-15, Hosea 6:1-3, 14:1-9, Isaiah 30:15-18, Acts 1: 4-8 and 2:1-4

Sometimes, God asks us to do something.
But sometimes, God asks us to wait.
Even when we want to do something for Christ, God often asks us to wait.
Then we need to give God a chance.
We take our hand off and need to let God work.
Then we need to stop, slow down and wait.
If we hurried all the time, God may ask us to wait so that God can solve the problems we made.

So, we read this kind of story in the Bible.
About 3000 years ago, God appointed Saul as the first King of Israel.
Then Saul experienced the power of the Holy Spirit.
Then God sent the prophet Samuel to teach King Saul on how to walk with God.
So the Prophet Samuel came and train the King Saul.

Then, this kind of incident happened.
1 Samuel 13: 7-14 described it.

At this time, God asks King Saul to wait.
God asks Saul to wait for the coming of the prophet Samuel.
If he waits, he would be able to move powerfully, with God.
King Saul could take action, being one with God.
Then God could protect him to be a blessed king.

But Saul could wait.
So, he gave up waiting.
He gave up being obedient to God.
He gave up walking with God.
He gave up being with God.

He lived his life knowing his kingdom would be taken away from him.
He lived his life knowing that God has left him.
Then, he often did things that he would regret.
Occasionally, he lost his sound mind.
Then one day, he lost his kingdom.

Then, about 300 years later, God sent the Prophet Isaiah.
Through the Prophet Isaiah God explained why they should wait for God.

Let’s read Isaiah 30:15-18.

Through the Prophet Isaiah, God asks people not to hurry and jump around all over the place but to wait.
Wait so that God can bless them.
In this time of waiting, they need to repent.
They need to return to God.
They need to be quiet before God.
Resting in God, trust in God and see what happens.
Then they get saved.
Then they get strengthened.
Then they get saved from the present difficulties and trials.

But they would say, “No, I don’t want to” to this invitation.
They turned away from this invitation of resting.
Then they run away from the enemy that doesn’t chase after them.
Then they slip, make mistakes and fall.

Now it is 700 years later.
Looking at people getting into a bigger and bigger problem, Jesus came and took their sin and the consequences of their hurrying habits.
Then he was wounded and crucified.

But then after two days God revives him and on the third day God restores.
Now we are able to live in his presence. (Hosea 6: 1-3)

The bible asks us to return to this God and get to know this God.
Because this God will heal us and will raise us up in third day.

Also then after his resurrection, Jesus asked his students:
“Now it is your turn to wait in Jerusalem, until the Holy Spirit comes.”
Jesus is about to leave them and send the Holy Spirit to work with them.
This is a time of transition.
They need to wait and be recharged for another journey of faith, next faith journey with the Holy Spirit.
Jesus is about to introduce the age of the Holy Spirit.

Let’s read together: Acts 1: 4-8

Jesus is like:
“You don’t need to jump around here and there to receive the Holy Spirit.
The Holy Spirit will come and give you courage.
The Holy Spirit will help you trust in me.
The Holy Spirit provides the guidance.”

After three years of a busy active ministry, they need to wait: 50 days.
Then they need to rest in God.
So, waiting is an important ministry.

Then the Holy Spirit comes in Acts 2:1-4.

They would experience the Holy Spirit.
They would learn to be in tune with the Spirit of Jesus.
After waiting and resting, they would live walking with the Holy Spirit.

Because they waited, they were filled with the Holy Spirit.
The Holy Spirit gave them power.
Then the Holy Spirit started God’s genuine works within them.
Then 3000 Jews start believing Jesus Christ on this day.
They rejoice as they see the action of the Holy Spirit among them.

(Once upon a time, there was a tree.
For such a long time, many people pass by.
But no one wants to use if it.
His friends become houses, tables and chairs.
Then he left alone.
He felt lonely for such a long time.
He wondered: how come no on wants to use me?
But when it is fully grown, people think it is a beautiful tree.
They like to sit under this tall, huge, and beautiful tree.
People like its relaxing shade.)

So, sometimes, by doing nothing, we are prepared.
Sometimes, we grow spiritually waiting, resting, and doing nothing.
When we learn to rest and wait daily, we can serve others in the way that God likes.
So, sometimes, we need to learn to just be and do nothing.
Then we learn something through those boring times.
Sometimes doing nothing is necessary.
Sometimes, in order to listen to God, we need to rest awhile.
We need a time to think and ponder.
Then we listen to the voice of Jesus.
Then God's grace and love will be experienced within us.
After that, we can do something carrying on God’s will and idea.

For some of you, the time of waiting may sound like wasting times.
But it isn’t.
It can be most productive.
Because then, we may know which road we should walk on and succeed.

So, we need to wait for God daily.
We need to wait and learn daily even for a short minute.
As we wait and come closer to God, Jesus starts his genuine ministry among us.
Have a time of waiting of the Christ in the morning or in the evening.
And sense where the Christ may lead you.