John 9: 1-7


Jesus heals!
Reading: John 9: 1-7

Today, the disciples of Jesus saw a man who was born blind.
Then they started talking about whose sin is it?
Why was he born blind?
They wanted to know who have done something against God.
So, they asked Jesus: (John 9: 2)
“Rabbi, because of whose sin, he was born blind?”

Jesus knew people in those days thought like this.
But he thought that his students should not think like this.
Their teacher was Jesus who could enlighten them.
Jesus was there to help them understand.
Jesus wanted them to know that Jesus was the solution.
Jesus could solve any problem.
Jesus is the resurrection and life.
He is the living water.

So, Jesus heals this blind man.
Now this man can see for the first time.
It was so wonderful to see this beautiful world.
Through Jesus Christ, he experienced God.

So, his disciples also learned about the power of God.
They learned that Jesus could heal this man.
They learned that Jesus could even do this.
As Jesus healed people like this, they became hopeful.
When Jesus worked like this, they became humble and were ready to listen to Jesus.

Because Jesus can do this, they didn’t need to judge any more blind men.
They also knew that Jesus didn’t judge the blind man or his parent.
They learned that they could invite God to work for them.

(3) Jesus said this: Luke 6:37
“Do not judge, and you will not be judged.
Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned.
Forgive, and you will be forgiven.”

Instead, they can pray for them.
They can expect that God can do something for them.

Jesus wanted to teach how God could work in their life.
So Jesus may be saying “Look for what God can do here.
God is about to do something.”

Believing that God can do something, Jesus talks about God’s forgiveness.
So, Jesus is forgiving.
He talks about God’s love.
So, Jesus heals.
People can become new persons.
He talks about God’s grace.
So, there was a lot of possibility.
People can experience God’s grace.

When people experience the love of God like this, they come to God.
They come to believe in God.
They come to believe in Jesus.

God is doing something new.
God is creating something new.
As they realize that, people come to believe in Jesus.
Then they find a right direction to God.

Introducing God’s freedom like this, Jesus took all their judgments upon himself.
Jesus took our judgments on himself.
Then he died.

Then after his resurrection, he wants to continually proclaim the freedom of God, and the healing power of God.
He proclaims that God heals people.
He proclaims that God drives out evil spirits.
He proclaims that God is still working.
God is still doing something.

In order to heal our sufferings, Jesus suffered for us.
In order to help us overcome our suffering, Jesus suffered for us.
Then God helps us to experience Jesus who is the Resurrection.

God can heal all the parts of our live.
God can heal our mind.
God can change our habit.
God can help us to meet those who can help us.

When some unfortunate incident happened to someone, it does not mean that God has judged them.
Instead God wants people to pray so that God can produce something beautiful and meaningful.
God can help them overcome all kind of stuff.
Jesus is asking us to believe.
Then we may discover God there.
So, as we go through them all, we become the disciples of Jesus, who can call God to help other people.
We may expect that the Holy Spirit may heal people in various ways.
When we experience God like this, we may become more loving and gentle.

Let’s pray:
Jesus, help us to listen to you.
Help us to work like you.
May you work among us more then you worked two thousands years ago.
May you show yourself to us so that we may have your character and love and live accordingly.
In Jesus name.