Matthew 17:14-20 (2)

Reading: Matthew 17:14-20
Prop: mustard seed and a bandage
Actors: a mother and a child; the disciples; and Jesus.

How many of you are 5th graders?
Come forward, please.
I need your help.
You are going to be my actors, ok?
You are going to be a mother and a child.
(Put a bandage to the son)
You are going to be the disciples of Jesus.
You are going to be Jesus.

Ok, let me tell you a story.
One day, Jesus went up to a mountain to pray.
In the meantime, his disciples were just hanging around.

Then one mother and a child came and said:
Is Jesus here?”

The disciples said:
"He went up to that mountain to pray.
Can we help you?”

The mother said:
“Yes, it is about my son.
He needs of healing.
I hear that Jesus can heal him.”

The disciples say:
“Oh, we can do that.
We learn from Jesus.
We are his disciples.”

So the disciples try to heal that boy.
One by one, disciples try to heal.
(Ask disciples to heal.
Just pretend.)
But their all fancy techniques failed.
But they continue to try.
Then, Jesus returns.

Jesus says:
“What do you doing?”
The disciples say:
“Huh, we are trying to heal this nice young man.
But it does not work.”

Then Jesus sighs and says:
“Bring him here.
God loves you, son.”
Then Jesus heals the boy.
(Jesus take off the bandage and let him go.)

The mother says:
“Thank you.
Thank you.
He is completely healed.”
Then they left.

The disciples asked:
“Jesus, how come we cannot heal him?”
Jesus said:
“Because your faith is this big.
This is a mustard seed.
Your faith needs to grow.”

The disciples said:
“Well, our faith must be bigger than this.”

Jesus said:
If you have faith as big as this mustard seed, you can tell this table to move and it will obey you.”

Well that is our story today.
Thank you all the actors.
Now you can have a sit.

Jesus says:
“If you have faith as small as this mustard seeds, you can do amazing things.”
But then how can we have this faith?
We have faith when we listen to Jesus, his story and his promises.
Jesus can give us this faith.
So, Jesus asks us to pray and ask God to give us the faith of Jesus Christ.
Then we may have this much faith, right?
So, now let’s ask Jesus to give us faith so that we may do what God wants us to do, ok?

Let’s pray:
Jesus, give us your faith so that we can walk with you, talk with you and be happy with you.
In your name, we pray. Amen.