Prayers of the people 1

Compassionate God, thank for you giving us your son.
In your Son’s name, you free us.
Through your Son, you heal us.
Through your Son Jesus, you renew us and revive us.
You help us to continually live our life in the power of your Son.

Jesus Christ, thank you for your love and mercy.
Thank you for giving your life and redeem us.
Thank you for purifying us and make us your own.
Thank you for taking our weakness and taking care of our future.
Thank you for creating a new life for us.
Thank you that you allow your Spirit to live within every human being.

Holy Spirit, you empower us to serve the human family.
You inspire us to live loving each other and respect each other.
You continually bless those who serve you in every nation, sharing the story of Jesus one way or the other.
May you continually manifest among us.
May all people receive your peaceful healing, peaceful reconciliation and peaceful redemption.

Now, we pray for our family and friends, all who ask for our prayers and who pray for us.
We pray for those who we don’t know well but remain in our hearts.
Help them to think the thoughts that you want them to think.
Help them to imagine what you want them to imagine.
Help them to feel what you are feeling.
Help them to understand what you want them to understand, as you continually touch and heal their minds and bodies, and fill them with your love and power.
May you heal our mind, body and life so that we may love you and love people.

Jesus, help us to worship you and experience you, today, so that we may know more of you and live according to your words.
May we learn of your story of joy, love, faith, and victory.
May your Spirit empower us to live your life so that we may be able to share your thoughts and your will.
May we be able to do what you want us to do.
May we share your love, in the power of the Holy Spirit.

We pray this in your name. Amen.