John 1:10-18

(A children sermon)

Happy New Year everyone!

I have a question for you.
How old are you now?
How old were you?

Here is another question.
Do you know how old is your daddy, your father?

I have another question.
(2) Do you think that your father can become five years old again?
Do you think he could become a child again?
He couldn't?
Are you sure?

I have a lot of question today.
How old is God?
God must be very old, right?
Now can God become a five years old child?
Can God become a child?
God can do everything, right?
God becomes a child.
We know his name.
Do you know his name?
In this session, we celebrate that God became a child and lived among us.
The baby Jesus was born and lived among us.

Since God became a baby, God understands what is like to be 5 years old.
God understands what is like to be six years old.
God understands what is like to be ten years old.
God understands you.
God understands what is like to be excited.
God understands what is like to go to bed early.

There is another answer to the same question, “How old is God?”
God does not get old.
God is spirit.
God is the same yesterday, today and forever.
This God lives within every one of us.
God lives within you.
God is always with you.
So, you can talk to God.
If you cannot fall a sleep at night, you can be sure that God is with you. Talk with God who is always with you day and night.
Get to know God who came to you in the name of Jesus Christ.

OK? Let's Pray:
Dear Jesus, you know what is like to be five and six and seven years old. You understand us.
You love us.
So we know that you are going to be with us forever!
In Your name, we pray. Amen.