Mark 2:1-12 (2)

Let's go to Jesus
Reading: Mark 2:1-12
K-Hymn: 464, 347
Blanks: sins, forgiven, walk

(1) Jesus returned to the area where he began his ministry.
Then he visited a house.
There he started to teach people about God and about how to live in God.

Hearing that Jesus came back, many people gathered at the house.
Soon, the door was jammed.
No one could get in or out anymore.

But, in this town, there was a man who had a problem.
His leg didn’t work.
He couldn’t walk.
He couldn’t run.
He couldn’t ride a bicycle.
So, he had to lie down all the time, because his leg didn’t work.
But he has been refusing to go and see Jesus.

But he had four good friends who believed in Jesus.
(2) These four friends knew that Jesus made blind people see.
Jesus made deaf people hear.
Jesus raised people from the dead.
So, they believed that Jesus could heal their friend to walk again.

Then these four friends heard that Jesus was in town.
So, they gathered together to persuade their friend to go to see Jesus.
This time, they succeeded.
(3) Then, carrying their friend on the mat, they came to where Jesus was.

But when they got there, they could not bring their friend to Jesus Christ.
They couldn’t get in because of the crowd.
It was standing room only.

But they looked through the window and saw Jesus teaching in the middle of the room.
He was right there!
So they were like:
“We are not giving up.
Don't worry. We will get you to Jesus.”

Then they look around the house.
They found some stairs to the roof of the house.
Then, they took their friend up to the roof.
(4) Then, they start to remove part of the roof.
They made a giant hole in there.
(5) Then they tied up their friend’s mat and lowered their friend down right in front of Jesus.

Well, Jesus liked their boldness and faith.
(6) So, Jesus said to the man:
"Son, your sins are forgiven."

But some religious teachers started to whisper among themselves saying:
"He can not talk like that!
How can he forgive sins?
Only God can forgive sins!"

Then Jesus said:
“I know what you are thinking.
Then I will do this, just to prove that I can forgive sins.”

(7) Then he says to the man:
“Get up.
Pick up your mat and go home.”

(8) The man got up, grabbed his mat, and walked out while everyone was watching.
People praised God!
They have never ever seen anything like this!

What does Jesus prove here?
Jesus wanted to prove the most important thing.
Jesus wanted people to know that Jesus could forgive our sins.
But there is something more in this teaching.
Later, Jesus taught his students to forgive others.
If they forgive, God will also forgive.
Jesus gave this power to us as well.

If we believe that Jesus is God, then we can say that Jesus can take away the sin of the world.
If we believe that Jesus can take away the sin of the world, we can say to people that their sins are forgiven.

Now back to the story.
(9) At this time, Jesus knew that this man needed a healing.
But this man has been refusing to believe in Jesus.
So, Jesus wanted to touch some deep issue in his heart.
Jesus wanted to heal this man completely from inside out.
Like a very good doctor, Jesus wanted to cure him from inside out.

That is why Jesus said:
“My child, your sins are forgiven.”

Probably, this man needed to hear this first.
He needed that Jesus says to him, “You are forgiven.”

After that, it was easy for Jesus to heal this man.
When this person heard that he was forgiven, he was already half healed.
(10) Then, Jesus said:
“Get up, take your mat and go home.”

We can learn so much from this story.
When we make a mistake in life, we know God’s forgiveness is there.
Jesus will forgive and give us a new start.

But this man or some people may say:
“If you know who I am, you wouldn’t forgive me.”
“If you know who I am, you wouldn’t love me.”
“If you know who I am, you wouldn’t want me.”
But knowing who he was, Jesus loved this man.
Jesus wanted to heal him.

Everybody knew that Jesus had the power to heal.
But this man might have been wondering:
“If this Jesus is a holy man, he might know about me and my past.
What if he sees through my heart?
Is he still going to be kind to me then?
If he really knows who I am, he might not want to heal me.”

To him, Jesus proclaimed:
“Are you kidding me?
Are you asking me whether I am willing to heal you?
Of course. I am willing.
I am even here to forgive you!
God has forgiven you!!!”

In this way, Jesus lets him know about God who loves him.

Because Jesus is a very skillful doctor, when Jesus comes to our life, he may do and say things that we may not understand at first.
But in this way, Jesus helps us to have the right mind and the right faith.
In this way, Jesus proves who he is, and who he can become for us.

(5) Jesus’ main purpose was to heal people and us completely.
Because then, we can live a new life.
Because that was his purpose, Jesus was not interested in becoming famous.
Instead, Jesus was interested in making our life something new.
Jesus was interested in healing us from deep inside.

Sometimes, when Jesus healed people, Jesus said:
“Your faith has healed you.”
Or, “Your faith has saved you.”

But at this time, Jesus didn’t even say to these four friends that because of their faith, Jesus was healing this man.
So, Jesus was just so moved by the situation.
At this time, Jesus was so free to work.
Jesus was in full communion with God.
Then Jesus knew how God wanted to work here in what order.
So, Jesus has done that.
Then, God was so happy.

But what would have happened, if these friends didn’t bring their friend to Jesus? (Pause)

Probably, it was God who inspired them to bring their sick friend to Jesus.
Likewise, God may inspire us.
Then we may also bring our friend to God through our prayer and through sharing the story of Jesus.
Then God may also show them God’s compassion through Jesus Christ.

When that happens, people see God in their lives.
When God works like that, we may experience physical, mental, social, or political healing.
God wants to bring those healings to our lives.

Through Today’s story, Jesus wanted to train us to understand God.
Jesus wanted to train us to minister like this.
So, Jesus may ask us to go to our neighbor and say:
“Your sins are forgiven.”
“Go walk in faith.”

When we can say that, Jesus will say to God:
(11) “Thank you, God.
Thank you for these people who can heal others like me.
I thank you!”

So, I want you to go and say to people that their sins are forgiven.
I want you to go and say to people that they can walk in the faith of Jesus Christ.
And I hope that we all go and heal people wherever they are in this world by the power of the Holy Spirit.
I hope that we are ready for that.
Let’s pray:
Christ, train us so that we may live like you. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.