Luke 2:41-52

(A children sermon)

This morning I want to show you the house of Jesus.
So, close your eyes.
When I say one, two, three, you open them, right?
One, two, three, open them.

Hehe. Well, this is the house of Jesus already.
And now, I have a question.
In this house, are there any objects that explain why Jesus came to this world?
Look around you.
Which object explains why Jesus is born?
(Let the children name various objects. You may give some explanation.)

(Walk up to the communion table.)
Do you see this table?
What is this?
Why is here?
Yes, this is the communion table.

Can this table explain why Jesus came here?
Jesus came to love and died for us.
So, we put the Bread over here.
We put the Grape Juice over there.
Then we remember that Jesus gave us his body (pointing the Bread) and blood (pointing the Grape Juice) so that we can eat and live forever.
It is a spiritual message.

Let's look at this.
What is this?
Yes, this is the pulpit.

What does a pastor do over here?
Yes, we tell everyone about God.
We tell people to love God and love people, because that is the teachings of Jesus.

We do these at this house of Jesus.
But Jesus is also your friend.
So, you can tell people, "This is the house that belongs to my friend." Right?
I like this place. Do you?

Let's Pray: Jesus, this is your house. All around us, we see your signs of love for us. Help us to love you and do what you ask of us here. Amen.