Luke 3:1-6 (1)

Preparation: a long, really long paper (about 10 feet?)

How are you?
How was your week?

Let’s see. What is this?
(Show the long paper)
(Spread the paper in its length)

Now, what is this?

John the Baptist says that he has come to prepare the way of Jesus.

Then when Jesus comes, he says that he is the way, our way.

So, here we go.
The way of the Lord.

Anyone of you want to walk on this path?
Since I want to follow Jesus, I am going to walk on this path.
I am going to walk on the path that Jesus designs for me.

(Walk on the paper.)
When we walk on this path, we feel peaceful.
Sometimes when we walk on this path, we might be like this.
(Then intentionally stray away from the road.)
What do you think of that?
(A child says, "You are off the road.")

Right, I went astray, right?
Here I might feel not so good.
I might have been upsetting about something and then lost the way.
When I realize that, I should go back to this path, right?
Because I need to walk over here.

But sometimes, without knowing we may wander off.
(Come back to the beginning and walk on the paper)
We may be looking at the birds, and looking at the people.

What would you say, if you see someone wandering off like that?
How can you help that person?
You may say:
"Hey, you are off the road."
Then, that person may come back and walk over here.

So, sometimes, we are on course and off course.
(Walk nicely on the paper.)
But when we walk over here, we feel peace.
In order to walk here we need to have faith.
We need to forgive people.
Then we reach our goal in life.

Following Jesus is like that.

We can walk over here (off the road) or we can walk over here (on the road).
When we try to walk over here (walk on the paper), then we are in fact following Jesus.
Then Jesus also helps us to walk on this path.

We need to help each other to walk together upon the way that Jesus shows us.
When we help each other, we walk on this path.
So, let’s help each other.
Let's pray for each other.
Let’s love each other so that we may all walk with Jesus all the way.

Let’s pray:
Jesus, you are our way.
We want to follow you wherever you lead us.
You show us how to live in this world.
We pray that we would walk in you name, always. Amen.