Pastoral Prayer 6

Jesus, you want us to move into new future, New Year with you.
So, we pray that you may free us from our past wounds and humiliations.
Free us from our past hurtful memories which may keep us apart.

If we have ignored someone, because they have reminded us of our wounds, forgive us.
Help us to forgive.
Help us to bless them.
Help us to be reconciled.
Help us to live like you, opening us up to the Holy Spirit.

Jesus, now we pray for this world.
We pray for all those who wish for peace and freedom.
We pray with those who pray for their safety and prosperous in this world.
We pray for those who seek to find Jesus in their own mind and heart and life.
May they find you and know you.

We pray for this country and this city.
We pray for those who serve your good will in governments.
We pray for this city.
We pray for all those who work for this city.
We pray for our neighbors.
We pray for the kids in this neighborhood.
May they know that you love them and you have wonderful plans for them.

Jesus, we pray for our family and friends.
We pray for those who are always remained in our heart.
We pray for all those who ask for our prayers.
Manifest yourself to them even now.
Give them your peace, guidance, and healings.
Fill them with your joy, love and spirit so that they may move with you forever.

Thank you for this year.
Though many things have changed, you have made all go smoothly.
Continually remind us of our callings so that we may move with you here.

Thank you for all the youths and children in this church.
Thank you for teaching these children.
Even when they are young, like Jesus, may they hear and follow God
May our children know you, and be faithful to you for all their life.
May they live like you, think like you and be like you wherever they are.

May you also bless our teachers, small group leaders and all those who share the story of Jesus.
May you inspire them and fill them with the Holy Spirit so that they may share your knowledge and wisdom faithfully.
Thank you for all your works in this church.
We pray this in your name, Jesus. Amen.