Matthew 12:38-45 (2)


Jesus protects your mind
Reading: Matthew 12:38-45
Additional reading: Jonah 1, 3
K-hymn: 13
Song: Change my heart oh God
Blanks: repented, three, three, greater, rise up

(2) Do you know about the story of Jonah?
What did God ask Jonah to do?
(1) God asked Jonah to go to Nineveh and preach.
Did Jonah go?
No. he ran away. Why?
Because the people of Nineveh were the enemy of his nation.
So, he didn’t like these people.
(3) So, he ran away.
Jonah was like:
“Let’s say I go there and preach to them.
Now what if they listen to me and repent?
What if they really turn around and obey God?
Then, because God is compassionate and kind, God will forgive them and bless them.
I don’t like that.”

(2) So, Jonah took a boat and ran away.
He just wanted to go far away from Nineveh.

(2) Then a great storm came.
The whole ship was in danger.
Then Jonah realized what was happening. Oh no.
So he asked other guys to throw him into the sea.
(3) Then, a huge fish came and swallowed him.
Then, Jonah was as good as dead in the belly of fish for three days.
Then Jonah asked God to forgive him.
So, God forgave him.
(2) Then the fish threw him back to the land.
(3) Then Jonah went to Nineveh and preached to them.
(3) Then, about 120,000 people repented and asked God to forgive them.
Then because God is compassionate and kind, God forgave them and blessed them.

(2) Jesus talked about this story of Jonah when he explained something.
It was when some religious teachers asked him like this:
“Jesus, show us some signs that says that you are really the Messiah.”
They were asking this question when Jesus was performing many miracles.
So, Jesus understood what was happening in their minds.
So, Jesus said something like this:
“You don’t need any more signs!
You need God who can protect your mind.
Then you will be able to believe in me.

(3) “But you know what?
I will give you a sign.
It is the sign of Jonah.
Remember Jonah was as good as dead in the belly of a fish for three days.
I will be in my grave for three days.
That is the sign for you to believe in me.
I will die and rise again!”

(3) “But if you still don’t believe, the people of Nineveh will come and say things against you, at the Day of Judgment.
They may say:
“Why didn’t you believe in Jesus?
Jesus is the great prophet.
He is better than Jonah.
He can explain who God is.
He can perform miracles.
(2) He even died for you and rose again to give you a new life.
So, what in the world were you thinking?”

(3) Then, Jesus told this kind of story to them: (act out)
“A bad spirit came out of a man.
Then it looked for a better place to stay.
But it couldn’t find it.
So, it went back to its old place which was by now clean and all fixed up.
(3) So, it went and brought seven worse spirits.
Then they all went into that person.
Then this person would have a lot of troubles.”

(3) Telling this story, Jesus is saying:
“If I am in you, I can kick them out of your heart.
I am stronger than any other spirit.
So, these spirits cannot dare to come.
I can protect your mind.
I can make it safe.
So, trust in me.
I can do this.
I can nurture your mind to grow.
I can provide wonderful knowledge and wisdom for you.”

So, how can you protect your mind?
If you are with Jesus, your mind is safe.
Jesus will protect you.
Jesus will give you a good heart and a good mind.
Jesus will help you make good choices for your life.
So, welcome Jesus into your hearts.
Obey his words, trusting in Jesus.
Also, forgive everyone and bless everyone, as God forgives you and bless you.
Then even if you make mistakes, Jesus will forgive you and help you grow in him.
Then your heart will be pure and be able to understand and believe God’s kindness.
Then your mind will be safe.

Let’s pray:
Jesus, thank you for dieing for us and rising back again for us.
May we obey you.
May we agree with you.
Protect our mind so that we may preach your forgiveness and your cross, forever.
In Jesus name, we pray.