Luke 11: 1-13

Reading: Luke 11: 1-13, 1 Tim 2: 1-7
Preparation: you may need three adult volunteers who will play God, Jesus and people.
A children sermon:

Sometimes, you may hear that some Christian people pray, saying, “In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.” Have you heard that? Why do we do that? Do you know?

Let me tell you a story.
A really, really, really long time ago, people and God was able to talk with each other, freely.
They were able to listen to each other easily.

But one day people felt that they wanted to know what was like to live without God.
So they left God and went out to explore another kind of life, and lived without God.
Then, their relationship with God was sort of broken. It was over.

Then after having fun for awhile, they start missing God.
So they tried to find God.
But now they realize that the gap between God and them became too wide.
They were not able to come to God and get to know God.
They forgot what God is like.

In the meantime, God was watching them.
God saw they were trying to reach out to God, but not able.
So, God sent Jesus Christ to explain to them what God is like.
After explaining to them, Jesus was able to make God and people good friends again.
Jesus become a bridge between God and people.
Now because we become a friend with God, through Jesus, so, we pray in his name.
This is how we recognize Jesus as a good friend maker.

That's why when we pray, we say “we pray this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.”
Anyway, have you tried to talk with God, personally?
Now you can talk with God freely, you know.
Now you can pray for your mom and dad.
Now you can pray for people who appear on TV.
Now you can pray for the president of this country.
Now you can pray for the peace of the world.
So, pray and see what happens.

Let’s pray: Christ, we thank you for coming back to us to be a good friend to us. In your name, we pray. Amen.