Matthew 4:1-11

Reading: Matthew 4:1-11
a children sermon
Props: A flashlight that holds many batteries.

Do you know what this is?
Yes, it is a flashlight.
Let’s see what is inside.
It has two batteries.

Each battery has a plus side and a minus side.
You know that right?
So, if we put these batteries in the right direction, (Putting the batteries in a right way) then the flashlight will work.
But when you put this battery in a wrong way, (putting batteries in a wrong way) this flashlight will not work.
Like this.
It doesn't work. (Show them)

Now let me tell you a story.
(1) A long time ago, Jesus went to a wilderness to pray.
(2) He was there for forty days without food, without cookies, without cupcakes.
So he was very hungry, right?

(3) Then a bad spirit came and said to Jesus that he should just forget about God and should listen to him, instead.
But, of course, Jesus refused to live like that.

But the bad spirit kept coming after him saying that he would give Jesus land and fame if only Jesus would just fall down and worship him.

Do you know what Jesus said?
Jesus said to the bad spirit to go away.
Jesus understood that this bad spirit was saying strange.
The bad spirit was saying:
“You don’t have to live like that.
You don’t have to put the batteries in the right way.”

But Jesus was saying:
“No, I have to live like this.
It is like this flashlight.
You have to put the batteries in the right direction.
Then the flashlight will work nicely.
Likewise, I have to live my life, listening to God.
I have to live right.
Then my life will work nicely.
My life will shine like this.
(Turn on the flashlight.)

Jesus knows how he should live, because Jesus knows the mind of God.
Jesus understands what God is thinking.
So, Jesus chose to live in the right way, listening to God.

(4) Then when Jesus chooses to live in the right way, then the angels came and served him a nice meal with cookies.

Through this story, Jesus is teaching us something.
What is it?
We also need to listen to God.
We also need to find the will of God for us.
We need to know what God wants from us.
Then as we obey, our life will work like this flashlight and like the life of Jesus.
Then as we follow the will of God, we will shine. (Turn on the flashlight)
Our life will produce something beautiful, valuable and nice, Right?

Let’s pray:
Thank you God for giving us your plan.
Help us to follow you all the way.
In your name, we pray. Amen.