Matthew 4:12-23 (1)


A children sermon
Prop: a picture with many different colors in it.

(1-3) I would like to show you some pictures.
These are beautiful, aren’t they?
It has various colors in it.
I think it looks pretty because it has various colors in it.

Now think about it.
What would happen if we don’t have various colors?
What would happen if we have to paint with only one color?
Probably, that picture might be not beautiful as this one, right?

So, when Jesus started his ministry, he called various people to follow him.
Then with these good friends he wanted to continue his ministry.
(1) For example, when he was at the Sea of Galilee, he called some fishermen to follow him.
He said:
“Come, follow me.
Then I will teach you to catch people for God from now on.”
Then, they left everything and followed him.

(2) He saw two more fishermen, who worked in a boat with their father.
Again Jesus said to them:
“Come and follow me.”
Then they left the boat and their father and followed him.

Jesus is still calling new people to follow him today.
Jesus may call you to follow him.

(1)Just like this picture is beautiful because it has various colors in it.
Our church will look pretty, when various people gather together to worship.

There are many people in this world.
We all need each other.
We need to get together in this church.
Then, some people can sing in the choir.
Some people can repair stuff.
Some people can give out bulletins.
Some people can prepare our lunch.
Some people can teach Sunday school classes.
Some people can go out and preach the gospel.

Following Jesus is like that.
We build up one another for Jesus.
We be nice to each other, and help each other to be a good believer.

We all need each other.
So, we make some efforts to get along with each other.
(2) Then we will be like these beautiful pictures.
As we serve each other, work together and love one another, we become a beautiful people of God.
In this way, we follow Christ Jesus.

Lets’ pray:
Christ, help us to love you.
Help us to love and build up one another.
In your name we pray. Amen.