Prayers of the people 14

Jesus, you gently and humbly encourage us to follow you.
You ask us to accept our holy calling.
You ask us to respond courageously, even risking our lives.
Because in this way, we may love you and follow you

Jesus, as a family, we want to follow you.
We want to know what your plan is for our family.
How are we supposed to follow you?
How are we supposed to participate in your ministry and life?
May we understand how we may serve you.

May we also try to reconcile and forgive.
May we bless each other from deep within.
May your Spirit sustain us and strengthen us to become more and more like you.
May we learn to love and suffer with you.

Following you, we also become part of your church.
In this bigger family, may we honor you remembering your words and hope.
Even in this family, may we also understand your plan for us.
Help us to be the church where your plan and will is done.
Inspire us to have your humble conviction.
Make us realize how you love us so that we may love the same.
Make us realize your constant love and be faithful to you.
May we share your love and follow you and give our lives to you.

Jesus, now we want to pray for our family and friends, all who ask for our prayers and who pray for us.
Give them peaceful healing.
Manifest yourself to them even now.
Touch and heal them.
Fill them with your love and your spirit.

May you also lead USA and two Koreas, Russia and Turkey so that we may experience in our nations.
May we also follow you as a nation and a people, knowing what you want from us.
Give us discernment to choose right things.
Be our president, Prime minister and leader.
May your kingdom, power and your glory be understood and know in this world.
In Jesus name.