Luke 13:31-35

Reading: Luke 13:31-35
Prop: various animal dolls: e.g., elephant, monkey, and frog

Let me ask you something.
Do you have a pet at home?
What are they: cat or dog?

When you call them saying:
“Come here.
Come here.”
Do they come to you?
Why do they come to you?

If they come, they come to you because they know you, right?

Do you know these animals?
What are they?
Yeah, it is a monkey.
This one is an elephant.
This one is a frog.
(Make these dolls stand in one corner.
Then you stand in other corner.)

Let’s say that these are all alive.
These are real elephant, real monkey or real frog.
Now if you call them saying:
“Come over here!
Come here.”
Will they come to you?
Why not?
One of the reasons is because they don’t know you, right?

This is like our relationship with God.
If we know God, we may feel comfortable with God.
Then we will come to God, knowing that God loves us.
Then we may say to God:
“God, can you come and play with me?”
Or “Can you help me with this?”
Then God will do that.

If God is comfortable with us, God may also say to us:
"May I come in?
May I play with you?”
Then we can welcome God.

We may also invite God to come with us everywhere.
When we go to play with our friends, we may ask God to be with us.
Then in a mysterious way, God will come and be with us.
We may even feel the presence of God.

The more you get to know God like this, the more you may feel comfortable with God.
God will also be comfortable with you.
Then God may want to listen to you.
God may even speak to you.
Then you may get to know God more.
You may feel comfortable with God more and more.
You may get to love God more and more.

So, let’s welcome God into our hearts.
Let’s welcome God in this place.

Let’s pray.
Jesus, we welcome you into our hearts.
Help us to get to know you.
Show us who you are in our life so that we may follow you more closely.
In your name we pray. Amen.