Matt 1:18-25

A Children sermon

Prop: A baby doll. A crown.

How was your Christmas Eve?

I have a strange question for you today.
Do you know where God is?
Where is God?

Heaven? OK, God is in Heaven.
But then where else is God?
Everywhere? That's also right. God is everywhere.
God is also in your hearts.

Here's another question.
If God comes to us, what do you think God would look like?
Does God wear a crown?
Does God look like an elderly person?
Does God look like a big strong person?
What would God look like?

Well, I have a wonderful story for you.
Today, we learned that God comes to us, in the form of a baby.
We even know the name of the baby. His name is Jesus.

But how can God be a baby?
Think about it.
God is supposed to be up in heaven.
How can God be down here as a baby?
God is supposed to be everywhere.
How can God become a little baby who cannot go anywhere?
How can this be?

Well, that is what we celebrate on Christmas.
We celebrate that God who is in heaven; who is everywhere; and who is in our hearts, became one of us: humans.

You see when God is up in heaven all the time, it's hard for us to get to know God.
When God is everywhere all the time, it's hard for us to talk with God face to face.
When God is only in our hearts, we don’t know which voice is of God or of me?

But when God becomes a baby, we can get to know God.
We can talk to God; see God; and hug God.
So, God became the baby Jesus.
So, the more we know of Jesus, the more we know of God.

So, I would say: talk to Jesus and get to know him more.
Then you would know who you are and who God is.

Now Jesus is again in heaven, everywhere and in our hearts.
So, reading the Gospel we can know who Jesus is.
We can also get to know Jesus through the Holy Spirit. OK?

Let's pray: Thank you God for coming down and living with us and loving us. May we know of your love and kindness more and more. In your name we pray.