Pastoral Prayer 9

Jesus, thank you for your love for us.
You have been loving us even when we didn’t know you or worship you.
But you search and found us.
Then you help us to grow in you.
Just like that we pray that you will guide people of Turkey.
Help them understand you, and welcome your love.
Also help our mission team to be part of your mission in that land.

Also help the missionary there to remain in you just like you remain in them.
Use them to accomplish your hope in that land.
As they serve you, may they experience you and your love for this world.
Thank you for inviting us to be part of your wonderful mission for the world.

God, even though you created this complicate heaven and earth, you make sure that the truth is simple and can be easily taught.
You don’t want to overwhelm us with the complication of the truth.
But when we come to you like children, you welcome us and help us understand you.

Jesus, continually help us to understand you and your hope.
Help us to live your life on earth.
Help us have your good thoughts in our mind, so that we may follow you.
Fill our heart with the Holy Spirit so that we may humble follow your words of faith.

Thank you for giving us your faith.
Thank you for giving us your presence.
Thank you for giving us the grace to live knowing your power.
Thank you for sending us the Holy Spirit.
Thank you for loving us.
Thank you that through the Holy Spirit you lead us.
Thank you for using our life according to your wonderful plan.

Thank you for using this church.
Thank you for using our church school.
Thank you for using our family.
Thank you for using our workplaces.
Thank you for using our school.
Thank you, our Loving God.

Continually work in us and among us so that we can follow you.
Change our heart so that we may want what you want.
Cause we are nothing without you.
Be our God, our savior, our Lord and sustainer and comforter.
You are our everything.
You are our energy.
You are our breath and life.
Help us to live your life and give all the glory to you.

We pray this in Jesus name.