John 12:1-11 (1)

Prop: a perfume of any kind.

What is in my hand?
That is right.
This is a perfume.
It smells like this. (Let them smell)

Now, imagine that you take your mother’s perfume and pour the whole thing on the feet of your father?
You like the idea?
Do you think your mother will say, “Well done, my child”?
Do you think your father will say, “Well done; it smells nice”?

Why not?
Right, you don’t use your mother’s perfume like that, right?

But today in our bible story, somebody did just that.
Her name was Mary.
It was right before Jesus died.
Mary came to Jesus with an expensive perfume.
Then she poured the whole thing on Jesus’ feet.
That is not all.
She dried them with her long hair.

If you were there, what would you say, if Mary did something like this?

We wonder and may ask:
Why would Mary do that?
Is she trying to say something?
What is she trying to say?

As for Mary, Jesus was very special.
So, she wants to give him her best perfume like this.
In this way, she was trying to say to Jesus, "Thank you for coming.”

I think we all have our own way of saying our thanks.
How do you show your appreciation to someone?
Some of you may simply say, “Thank you.”
Some of you may give a gift.
Some of you may do something for others.
Some of you may give a smile and a hug.
Some of you may gently hold their hands.

There are many ways we can say thanks.
We show our appreciation and gratitude in various ways.
But God understands them all.

So, when Mary showed her gratitude in this way, Jesus understood.
Jesus knew that Mary really felt good about Jesus.
So, Jesus felt warm and fuzzy inside.

I hope that we also show our gratitude and thanks to Jesus often.
Then we may also make Jesus feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Let’s pray:
Thank you, God for giving us your Son, Jesus.
Thank you for coming into our life.
May we live thankfully knowing that you really love us.
In the name of Christ, we pray. Amen.