Luke 13:1-9

(A children sermon)

Ask: “Can I have two volunteers from the congregation?
I will be the narrator.
And you will be an apple tree.
And you will be Jesus.”
(Speak for them as well. Direct them to act out.)

Narrator: There was a great orchard.
In this orchard, there were many apple trees.
Every one of them was producing wonderful apples.

(Introducing an apple tree)
But there was a tree that was having some problems, producing fruits.

Apple Tree says: I am going to produce the best apples in the whole wide world. Hhhugggg!
(Try to produce some fruits.)
C’mon! Apples!

Narrator: (Introducing Jesus) Then suddenly Jesus appears and says:

Jesus says:
Hello, little tree. What are you doing?

Apple Tree says:
Hi, Jesus, I am trying to produce the best apples. But it is not really working.

Jesus: Can I give you an advice?

Apple Tree: Sure!

Why don’t you just relax?
You need to let things happen, according to God’s design.
God has planted something good within you.
And God has planted you in a right place.
So, relax and let things happen according to God’s plan.

Apple Tree:
You mean, in order to produce fruits I need to relax?

Yep. That's it. Try it.

Apple Tree:
OK, if you say so.

Then as Apple Tree relax and rest.
Then, suddenly she was producing many apples.
(Put some apples in the hands of Apple Tree.)

So, you see, sometimes, God’s ways are different from our ways.
Sometimes, we feel we need to do a lot to please God. But God often says, “Relax. Just be with me, Remain in me.
I am creating something great in you.There is the power of God in you.
And let it happen.
Let it grow.”
You see, God is giving us all the things we need.
So, look around you and look within you.

Thank you. (To apple tree and Jesus)

Let’s pray:
Christ, thank you for helping us to produce wonderful fruits. In your name we pray. Amen.