Matthew 17:1-9

A children sermon:
Prop: a statute or pictures of Moses or Elijah

Good morning.
Do you know what this is?
His name is Moses.
He lived about three thousand years ago.
He was very famous for being able to listen to God.
Do you see this plate?
Do you see the words in this plate?
He got these words from God, so we were told.
The words of God are in this plate.

Let’s say now we have a time machine.
Now you can go back and meet him, if we like.
What do you think? Would you like to go and meet him and talk with him?

Our Bible story today tells us something like this.
About this time, Jesus went up on a mountain to pray to God.
He took three disciples Peter, James, and John.
While he was praying, the face of Jesus was changed. His face was glowing.
And at this time, this guy, Moses and another prophet, Elijah, suddenly appeared.
Moses and Elijah had been dead for a thousand year by then.
But they weren’t looked like a thousand years old men.
And they were talking with each other.

Peter, James, and John saw them talking with each other.
They were shocked and wondering: “Why do they come and talk with our teacher? Why does God send Moses and Elijah to talk with Jesus?”

Then suddenly God spoke to them concerning Jesus through the cloud, saying, "This is my Son, my beloved, my delight. Listen to him."

Then the disciples realize that Jesus is somebody.
He is more than what they think he was.
God helped them to know who Jesus was.
After this experience, they really, really listened carefully what Jesus had to say. They asked more questions to Jesus.

Well, what about you?
Do you know who Jesus is?
Do you pay attention to what Jesus has to say?
Well, let’s get to know more of him. OK?

Let’s pray: God, open our eyes, so that we'll also know Jesus, the Son of God, Christ. In the name of Jesus, we pray.