John 21:1-14


Reading: John 21:1-14
Prop: Fish (toys) and fishing net (or something looks like it)

(3) Hello!
Happy Easter!

Do you know what Easter is all about?
Right, it is about Jesus was raised from the dead.

(3-4) You know when Jesus was raised from the dead, he wa funny.
He was able to appear and disappear, appear and disappear, like that.
Sometimes, he was invisible.
Sometimes, he was visible.
You know that, right?

Then one day, Jesus appeared to his students like this.
At this time his students knew Jesus was raised from the death.
But they haven’t seen him awhile.
So, they decided to go for fishing.
(3) There was a lot of fish under the sea.
(3) They had a lot of nets.
But they could not catch any fish.

Then early in the morning, Jesus appeared on the shore and said:
"Hey, friends, have you got any fish?"

They answered:
"Not yet!"
They did not know that it was Jesus speaking to them.

Now before we go further, do you know which is right hand?
(3) Right, this is the right side.

(3) Then Jesus said something like this to them:
"Throw your net on the right side of the boat and you will catch a lot of fish."

But some of them were like:
The right side of the boat?”

But others were:
“Well, we have nothing to lose, right?
Let’s go for it.”

(3) So they threw their net on the right side of the boat.
Then they caught so many fish.
They were not even able to pull the net.

Then, they realized and said:
“Wait a minute.
I think he is Jesus!”

(3) So they pulled the net full of fish and came to Jesus.
When they came, Jesus were like:
"Bring your fish, too.
Come and have breakfast."

So they had a nice breakfast with Jesus and had a good time.
Then they talked with Jesus and asked questions.
It was good to see Jesus again.

But I think Jesus wanted to say something to them:
(3) As you know, a long time ago Jesus said to them:
“Follow me and I will make you fishers of people.”

Now Jesus is saying it again in a sense:
“I will make you fishers of people.
You don’t have to catch fish anymore.
I want you to go and catch people for God:
I will help you.
I will help people to know me through you.
Catch people for God and change people for God.
I, the resurrected Jesus, will be with you alway anywhere.”

So that is what they did.
They lived in the right way catching people for God.

Jesus may ask us to do the same thing.
Go and help people for God.
Help people to experience God.

How can we help people to know God?
Well, for example:
God is kind.
We help people to experience God’s kindness by being kind to them as well.
So like that, let’s help people to know God.

Let’s pray:
Jesus, thank you for guiding our lives so that we may follow you and be with you forever.
In your name we pray.

Now what?
We will go back to our sits.
Then after baptism and after communion, the Lord’s Supper, we will go out and do some egg hunting and some fun stuff.
Now let’s go back to our sits.