Luke 7:11-17 (1)


Reading: Luke 7:11-17
Prop: a toy or a book

Do you have many toys?
Do you have something like this?
What is this?

(1) Now, I have a question.
Do you know what “only” means?
Sometimes people say, "I only have this or I only have that."
What does it mean?
Right, if I say this is my only toy, it means that I have no other toy.

So, let's say this is your only toy.
Let’s pretend. Right?
Then one day, you lost it.
How would you feel?
You would be very sad, right?
Do you think you will cry?

But how would you feel when you found your toy back?
Maybe it was under your bed.
How do you think you would feel?
You will feel so good, right?

(1) Well, I want to tell you about someone who lost what is so dear to her.
It was many, many years ago, when Jesus was alive on earth.
He traveled a lot, you see.

Today, he arrived at a town.
He was like, “what is going on?” because he saw a dead person being carried out.
People said to them, "Oh, he was the only son of this lady, whose husband also died a long while ago."
Jesus was like, “She lost the only son she had? Oh my.”
Jesus felt really sorry for her.
Then Jesus decided to do something for her.
So, he said, "Don't cry."

(2) He went up and touched the dead man.
He said: "Young man, I say to you, get up!"
The dead man got up and began to talk.
Then Jesus gave the only son back to his mother.

And she was so happy.
She was rejoicing and praising God.
People were saying, "God has come to help us. A great spiritual man has come."

Well, I am sure that Jesus felt so good being able to help.
And I hope you would remember this story, when you feel like you have lost something.
Well, remember Jesus.
I hope that you would also say to:
“Don’t worry. I am here. I would like to help.”

Let’s pray:
Christ, thank you for coming into our life.
You are our joy.
May we always rejoice and praise you because you are with us always.
In your name we pray. Amen.