Prayers of the people 8 (Prayer for a joint event)

(Prayer for a joint event)
Jesus Christ, thank you for loving us.
Help us to love you back as much as you love us.

Thank you for guiding us to know your plan and your thoughts so that we may follow you.
Thank you for reconciling and uniting your churches.
Thank you for encouraging and helping each congregation to follow you and serve your people so that your love, gentleness and humility be known throughout the world.

May we listen to you voice more clearly.
May we understand what you are doing in our midst.
May we understand your plan so that we may follow you Jesus and live your life.
Help us to trust in you only and love you.

We ask for our each congregation.
May you help each congregation to experience you more and more.
May all of your will be done in these churches.

May everyone experience your peace and your healing and your joy and your blessings upon his or her life.
Heal us and empower us so that we may heal in your name.
Bless us God, so that we may be a blessing to other people in this community.
Make each person to be your servant who live your life and love all people as you love.
We pray this in your name Jesus.