Luke 12:32-40 (2)

Give me your mind and focus
Reading: Luke 12:32-40

Jesus believes that God loves to give you the kingdom of God.
God loves to give you everything.

So you can sell your possessions, and give to the poor.
As you give you are going to have heavenly purses that do not wear out.
You will have an unfailing treasure in heaven.
No thief comes near and no moth destroys things in heaven.

God’s purpose is not to have money in heaven.
God’s purpose is to have the minds of people in heaven.
So, Jesus says:
Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

When their mind is free from their main concern, they may be interested in what Jesus has to say.
They may be ready to do what God is saying.
God is saying through Jesus: Give me your mind and focus.

Jesus says that we are blessed, when we give our attention to God.
We are blessed if God finds us doing just that.
Because then God will serve us.
God will have us sit down to eat.
Then God come and serve us.

Jesus asks us to ready with our own mind to welcome God.
Even in our dream, we can be ready.
Can our mind be ready to welcome God in the middle of the night, or near dawn?

Then Jesus says something like this.
“God comes like a thief.
God wants to come when no one expects.
Can you be ready?
I am also coming at an unexpected hour.”

Jesus hopes when he comes, he finds us doing what we are called to do.
We know what is our business and is doing it well.
This is how we can be ready.

The bible says that we are God’s servants.
We need to wait for our God.
We need to pay attention what God is doing.
Then we can respond right away according to God’s movement.

That is during Sabbath, we need to rest and think and give your attention to God.
That is why we need to simplify our life so that we can pay more attention to God.