Luke 13:10-17 (1)

A Children sermon: "x that"

Props: Signs (No Jews. White Only. Men Only. No Healing on Sunday.)

Do you know what this is? (Show a church’s sign, if you have)
This is a sign that we put out when we want to let people know what is going on inside.

But today I brought some funny signs. We are not going to use these signs.
But just to make us laugh.

Here is the first one. It says “Men Only.” Do you think we can put this sign out. No. So, let’s x that.
Can we put out this sign “White Only.” No. You will be in a big trouble. We don’t need this sign. So, let’s x that.
What about this? “No Jews.” NO. We want to welcome everyone. We want to welcome our Jewish brothers and sisters. So, let’s x that.

During the time of Jesus, there was also a funny sign.
It said, "No Healing on Sunday."
This sign was out, because Jesus loved to heal people on Sunday.
Some people didn’t like him healing people on Sunday.

But one day Jesus was teaching at the church. Then he saw a lady coming into the church. She couldn't walk straight. She was bent over, like this. She was like this for eighteen years. When Jesus saw the woman, he felt compassion over her. So, he healed her. Now her back was straight. She stood right up!

But there were some people who got really mad. They brought this sign: “No Healing on Sunday.” “ Can't you read Jesus? This is Sunday. Don’t you know? Don’t heal people on Sunday. You are supposed to rest.”

Jesus says, “You need to x that. This is not right. God is healing people on Sunday. So, you need to allow healing on Sunday.”

In your life you would also see some signs that you need to x that.
Like Jesus, you need to choose to do what is right.
Well, that is our story.

Let's Pray: God, help us to put people first and not the rules. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.