Matthew 6:25-34 (3)


Positive questioning
Reading: Matthew 6:25-34 (3)
K-hymns: 358, 359
Words: positive => good
Blanks: feeds, need, given

(2) Jesus said something like this:
“Don’t worry about anything.
Don’t worry about your future.
Don’t worry about your health.
Because you worry, you may make things worse by worrying.
So, instead, trust that God will do good works in your life.

(1) Jesus was like:
“Look at the birds.
Look at the flowers.
God is taking care of them.
You are very important to God.
So, God will take good care of you.
Live one day at a time.
God knows what you need.
God feeds you and clothes you.
So, don’t worry.
Then think about the story of Jesus and listen to God.
Then God will take good care of the rest.”

Then some of us may ask like this:
Why do we have to stop worrying?
You know, when we worry, we may realize our problems.
Then we can try to solve it.

But the worry that Jesus is talking about is something more than that.
Worry is like imagining worst scenario.
Worry is expecting the worst possible situation.
Then since you worry like that, you may become fearful.
When you are fearful, you may not be able to think in terms of faith.
Then because you are fearful and afraid, you may make mistakes.
It may make you think something wrong and say something wrong.
Then you may be bothering other people and annoy them.
You may not even be able to do where God wants you to do.
Instead, you may open the door of actualizing the very thing you fear.

(2) Besides, worry can suck your energies out of you.
Worry tends to leave you powerless.
So, you become tired.
You don’t want to do anything else.
You cannot enjoy your life.

Here is another thing.
Worry gives birth to another worry.
(3) Worry invites more worries.
If you start worrying about things, you may have more things to worry about.
Some problems may occur just because you have worried about it.
Some problems may happen, because you worry.

Why is that?
Because when we worry, we focus on it.
We think about it and put our energy into it.
So it may happen in our life.
It is because somehow your worry becomes your prayer.
Without knowing, you may really believe that it would happen.
So, it may happen.

(3) So, Jesus gently speaks to us sometimes:
“Don’t worry!
Listen to me.
Trust me.
I can make your life go smoothly and nicely.
I am doing something good in your life.”

But then another problem may be that sometimes, we don’t know how to stop worrying.
We may not know how.
How can we stop worrying?
How can we believe in God and serve God instead?

So, here is something we can do to stop worrying.
It is by asking some positive questions.

For example, if you find yourself worry about someone, you may ask:
What if that person lives a healthy and happy life for all his or her life?
(2) What if that person finds their dream job and lives a good life?
What if that person makes this world a better place to live in?
What if that person learns to understand others and serve them?

If you worry about yourself, you may ask some positive questions like this saying:
What if I would live a healthy life for all my life?
What if everybody wants to help me? Then how should I behave?
What if everybody loves me? What should I do then?
How can I handle that popularity?
How should I then keep myself humble?
What if people love to listen to what I have to say?
What if my family loves to listen to what I say?
How can I live in the way that God wants me to live?

If you have some health problem, you may ask:
“What if my present bad health rather serves me to become healthier later?
What if I live a healthy life even in my 90s?
Then how should I live my life now?”

We may become fearful and worrisome when we try to do something new, like going to another country, going to a new school, or starting new sports.
When we face some challenge in our life, we may worry.

(1) Peter was like that, too.
Do you remember Peter who follows Jesus?
He was a fisherman, when he first met Jesus.
Jesus asked him to forget about his nets and to follow him.
It means that Peter needed to change his job.
But he had his family to take care of.
However, Jesus said to him:
“Fear not. Don’t worry. Trust me!”

Then, Peter believed that everything would go well.
Whenever he worried, he might have asked himself:
What if because I follow Jesus, God will take good care of my family even more?
What if my study with Jesus goes well and then I can teach my children really well?
What if my following of Jesus becomes so good and beneficial to all of us?
What if because I follow Jesus, we all can do what God asks of us?

Likewise, when we begin a new thing, we may worry a bit.
Then, we can ask ourselves these questions:
What if everything goes well?
What if everything moves smoothly?
What if it turns out to be a blessing to all of us?
What if this becomes the best things ever happened to me and to us?

Here is another thing.
Sometimes, I see those who are very talented on something.
But they worry that other people may be jealous of them.
Have you been there?
(2) Then you may ask yourself:
What if my friend and neighbor rather enjoy with me?
What if your brother and sister rejoice with me and find happiness for their soul?

Then what would happen?
What would I do?
How can I keep myself humble and holy before God?
How can I use my life to help others?
Then in order to help others, what do I need to learn now?
What do I need to do next?
How can I share my blessing with others?
What can I give back to God and people?

Then as your mind answers those questions nicely, you may add at the end, “In Jesus name, I pray. Amen.”
Then that would be your prayer.
In that way, you may have a great prayer out of worry.
In this way, you may invite the Most Powerful God into your thoughts.
(2) Then we may live a healthy life trusting Jesus.
Then because you feel peaceful, things may go well.
You may learn to enjoy our life.
You may be able to do what God wants you to do, right?

Let’s pray:
Jesus, help us to think like you.
Help us to move on in faith.
Help us to begin new things in faith.
We pray this, in your name. Amen.

Make positive.
Surrender all to God.

Also when you worry, you can pray saying, "I pray that these kinds of things would not happen. In Jesus name. Amen."