Living Water

Props: a clean long bottle.

(1) Have a look at these kids.
What do you think they are doing?

They are going to a nearby river to get some waters.
They want to have some clean water to drink.
But the water is not clean.

(3) Do you have this facet at home?
But they don’t have it.

(2) So, sometimes they use this yellow container to get water.
But the water is not clean.
But they have to drink some waters.
So they drink it everyday.
And because of that, they get sick.
Some of them die.
Hum, only if they have some clean water, they will live healthier.
What should we do?

Now let me introduce an organization.
It is called “living waters for the world.”
What do they do?
(3) This organization provides clear water.
They train people to go and put this machine in various village/countries.

(4) Then they teach local people how to use this machine.
Then these people can have clean water.
(5) See they have clean water.

So, we are going to send money to this organization so that they can provide more clean water.
So, let’s search for some coins at home.
Now go home and find some coins under your bed, under your sofa, under your car seat.
Then tomorrow bring some coins and put it here.
We are going to collect all those coins.
And we will send all the money to the organization that provides clean water.
Sounds good?

Now what does this bottle look like?
It is a temperature scale.
It shows temperature.
Now it is very cold. Huhuh.
We are going to bring some coin tomorrow and make our weather warmer.

The bible said Jesus is our living water. (John 7:37-38)
It says, those who know Jesus will be not thirsty again,
It says, those who know Jesus will have the eternal water.

Jesus is the eternal water for our mind.
People need to have this Jesus, the eternal water in their mind.
They also need physical water.
Then they will live healthier.

So, let's pray that everybody may know Jesus with their mind and have clean water so that they would live truly healthier. Ok?

Let's pray:
God, we welcome you in this place.
May you come and give the eternal water that you promise.
And through our coins tomorrow, may you provide clean water so that they may live healthier.
With their good health, may they come to know you, too.
In your name, Jesus, we pray. Amen.