Luke 17:11-19 (2)


Reading: Luke 17:11-19
Prop: linen, a flower

(1) One time, 10 people came to Jesus and said:
“Jesus, have mercy on us!”

What’s going on here?
These people had a big problem with their skins.
And in those days, people didn’t have any medicine for it.
So, other people were wondering whether it was contagious.
So, they asked these people to live somewhere else.
So, these ten people lived separately from everyone.
And they lived a lonely and poor life.

So they were here asking Jesus to heal them.
Then Jesus simply said to them:
“Go and show it to a priest.”
In those days, priests were like doctors.
They were supposed to examine their skins and proclaim whether they were healed or not.
(3) So, they understood what Jesus said and see a priest.
But on their way, they saw that their skins were healed.
Their skins were beautiful and clean.
They were so happy.

But only one person thought that he should go back and give thanks to Jesus.
(1) Only one person came back and said:
“Jesus, I am so grateful, grateful to you.
Thank you! Thank you!
And thank God because God has sent you!"

Jesus was also happy and said:
“Your faith has saved you!
Go home. Have a wonderful life!”

(2) Then Jesus waited for 9 other people.
Jesus knew that everyone was healed.
But they didn’t come to say “Thank you.”

You know, Jesus has the great power to heal people.
Jesus loves to heal people for free.
He always wants to make people well.
But, occasionally, Jesus wanted to hear people say, “Thank you.”

God is like that.
God loves when people say “thank you” to God.
When people say “God, thank you; we love you,” then God loves it.
That is the joy of being God.
So, Jesus wants people to show their gratitude to God.

So, we came here to say “Thank you” to God.
We sing songs and hymns to say “thank you” to God.
I want you to say a lot of "thank you" to God today.

We want to show our gratitude to God.
So, I brought this flower to say “thank you” to God.
We want to thank God for all the blessings.
We want to thank God for loving us and caring for us.
Then because of you, God would be very happy.

Let's pray:
God, thank you for all your blessings.
Thank you for loving us and caring for us.
Thank you for sending us Jesus the Christ who shows the wonderful truth about you.
May we live our life based on that truth.
Thank you.
We pray this in Jesus name.