Call to Confession

Prayer of Confession

If I have failed to perceive you when you have appeared in the face of a friend, if I have neglected to feed you when you have come with the hunger of a stranger, if I have not embraced you when you have sought me, if I have not laughed and played with you when you greeted me with the delight of a child, forgive me.

Open my eyes, my hands, my arms, my heart to know your appearing and to celebrate the flesh-shaped mystery of Emmanuel, God with us. Make my heart a dwelling place ready to delight at your appearing and to receive you.

Silent Prayers of Confession

Declaration of Pardon

Leader: Jesus Christ, you have given us your life.
All: Now we give you ours.
Leader: Forgive us for what we have been in the past.
All: Through you, what we shall be begins now.
Leader: Take us, renew and remake us.
All: May we be your living presence in this world.
Leader: Friends, let us believe the Good News of the Gospel.
All: In Jesus Christ, we are forgiven.