Matthew 3:13-17

A children sermon

Prop: baptismal font, water at the baptismal font, guitar, and handkerchief

Do you know what this is?
Yes. It is water.
We use this water to baptize people.

A long time ago, Jesus was also baptized by this kind of water.
When Jesus was baptized, we read the Holy Spirit came like a dove.
(Throw a handkerchief in the air and see how it falls.)
The Holy Spirit came down like this on Jesus.
Do you know why the Holy Spirit came down on him like this?
It was because Jesus was humbly obeying God and was paying attention to what the Holy Spirit was doing. So, when we are humble and when we obey God, we also experience the Holy Spirit. When we pay attention to the Holy Spirit, we experience the Holy Spirit.

But usually we don’t see the Holy Spirit.
Have you seen the Holy Spirit?
The Holy Spirit is everywhere.
But we cannot see the Holy Spirit.

It is like music.
(Play some music with a guitar)
You can hear it right?
But can you see the sound of the music?
When I do this (playing music) the sound of the is traveling from here to your ears.
So, you can hear it.
It is somewhere in the air.
But we cannot see it.

The Holy Spirit is like that.
The Holy Spirit is always with us.
The Holy Spirit is guiding us and helping us.
But we often ignore the Holy Spirit simply because you cannot see her.
The Holy Spirit is always with us and within us.
Let's pay more attention to the Holy Spirit.
Then we can become a closer friend of Jesus who gave this Holy Spirit to us.

Let’s pray.
Jesus, thank you for giving us the Holy Spirit.