Prayers of the people 2

Jesus, you are gentle and humble in heart.
So, you gently and humbly call us to follow you.
Then you ask us to be part of your community.
Then you ask us to take the risk by being part of a community of faith.
Here we learn to love and learn to reconcile and learn to maintain a unity in your name.
We don’t always know what we are doing.
But you want to bless nations and the world through your churches.
We faithfully obey this calling.

In order to do that, sometimes, we need to understand you.
We need to understand your plan and move along with it.
So, come, O Jesus, and fill us with your ideas.
Give us your quiet confidence as we get to know your plan.
Then make us move along the path you show us!
Then when we know where to go, help us to respond courageously without hesitation.
Help us to leave ourselves behind and follow you.
Help us to live out your life.
Help us to love you and give our lives to you in love.
May your Spirit lead and guide us.
May your Spirit sustain us.

Now to you we entrust our families and friends, all who have asked for our prayers, who pray for us, and whom we name before you now in our silence.

We also pray for those whose names are not spoken but remained in our heart.

Jesus, give them healings and peace that is beyond understanding.
Show yourself to them even now.

Jesus, we also want to become new creatures in you, so, touch and heal our minds, and fill them with your love and faith.
We pray this in your name.