John 1:29-42 (2)

The obedience of the Lamb (2)
Reading: John 1:29-42 (1 Corinthians 1: 1-9)

The Bible calls Jesus the Lamb of God.

When Jesus was thirty years old, Jesus started his ministry.
But before Jesus started his ministry, he observed the ministry of John the Baptist.
Who is John?
John lived a very obedient life in God.
John didn’t care about things but God.
Jesus loved to watch John ministering to God.
So, Jesus might have hesitated to start his ministry, because if he starts, there is no more need for John’s ministry.

But as for John, it didn’t matter, because he saw the Spirit, God’s pure Spirit.
The Holy Spirit came down as a dove from heaven and remained on Jesus.
He was waiting for this sign so long because God told him that he was going to see this sign.
When he saw this, he realized that Jesus is the Christ, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world.

The Holy Spirit was coming down to start God’s ministry together with Jesus. The Holy Spirit is ready to show everything that God has and explain who God is, through Jesus.

John believed in Jesus because he saw the Holy Spirit.
So, John introduced Jesus as the Lamb of God to his followers.
So, two his students followed Jesus to find out more about Jesus.

They don’t have any questions to ask at this time.
They didn’t know what it means that Jesus is the Lamb of God.
They don’t know how to ask questions to find out that Jesus is the Lamb of God.
They just want to learn of Jesus.

But Jesus asked them, “What do you want?”
They said, “Teacher, (pause) where are you staying?”
Jesus said, “Then, come and see.”

Jesus simply invited them to come and see.
Then they were able to observe how Jesus used his words, wisdom and power. They saw how Jesus is answering people’s questions.
They smell the place where he was staying.
They touch what Jesus was touching.
They feel what is like to be with Jesus.
Then they realize how the Holy Spirit is working together with Jesus.
They sense the person of the Holy Spirit, as Jesus heals, and speaks words.
They sense God’s presence.
Then they believe in Jesus because the Holy Spirit is working through Jesus.
They believed him as the Messiah, the Christ.

So, Andrew, one of them found his brother Simon and brought him to Jesus.
Looking at Simon, Jesus said, “You are Simon son of John. You will be called Peter which means Rock.”
Jesus called him Rock.
He proclaimed his faith, because Jesus saw Simon in the same way that God saw him.
This proclamation created a new kind of relationship between Jesus and Simon Peter.
Jesus knew what kind of role that Peter would play in his movement.
So, Jesus helped Peter to discover his calling and his new identity.
Then three years later Jesus baptized him with the Holy Spirit.
Then he was able to show the character of God by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Like this, God knows the reason why you are here.
Jesus knows what you are called to be.
The Holy Spirit often help you realizes that in a very gentle, subtle, mysterious or very natural way.
Like this, the Holy Spirit help you discovered in Christ.
The Spirit of God will also help you find who Jesus is.

When we spend time with Jesus, we know who God is.
But it is strange.
When we spend with Jesus, we also know who we are.
The more you know of Jesus, the more you know who you are.
The more you obey the words of Jesus, the more you discover your purpose in life.
The more you offer your life to Christ, the more you start to hear clearly the voice of the Holy Spirit.
The more you live for God, the more God lives within you.
The more you get involved in what God is doing, the more you experience the manifestations of the Holy Spirit. It is like a spiritual fountain.

But in order to give us this kind of experience in the person of the Holy Spirit, Jesus needed to pay a price.

In order to give us the Holy Spirit, Jesus needed to experience some kind of birth pain.
When Jesus gives his life, he can take away the sins of the world. Then he was able to give the eternal life.

(3) Jesus is called the Lamb of God.
In ancient time, when people commit sin they offered a lamb to the priest, so that they may be forgiven.
This lamb was slaughtered and was offered to God.
Like this, Jesus, the Lamb was treated badly by some people.
It wasn’t easy to suffer and die like this.
But Jesus was a willing participant.
He was willing to suffer for the forgiveness of sin of others. (Isaiah 53:7)
He was able to bear this pain because he knew for what he was suffering.

But we need to remember one thing.
Jesus didn’t suffer because he didn’t have faith.
He suffered because he had faith.
Jesus suffered because he wanted to bring reconciliation.
Jesus suffered because he wanted to see the loving relationship between God and human beings.

When he was carrying his cross to Calvary, he said to those who didn’t understand the true meaning of his death and suffering, “Don’t weep for me. Rather, weep for yourselves and for your children..." (Luke 23:27-28)
He wanted them to know about their own future.
If they accept Jesus, they would have the eternal life. (Romans 6:23)
Jesus would save them so that they could truly live.

But, in the Bible, we see sometimes Jesus weeping because he felt the pain of someone else.
He was weeping out of compassion, knowing everything.
He wept because he could feel the pain of his loved ones.

Because he loved people like this, Jesus can become the Lamb of God.

The Bible said that the wages of sin is death. (Romans 6:23)
What does it mean?
Sometimes continual sinning life drives us to death.
This death is not a physical death but also a mental death where we lose the meaning of life.
Jesus wanted to save people from their death, because the human life is too precious for him.
So, Jesus wanted to save people from the consequences of sin.
In order to do that, Jesus wanted to become a human being.
He wanted to conquer the death, as a human.
Becoming the Lamb of God, he defeated the death.

Doing this, Jesus shows that love is a will and a determination.
That is why we can love our enemies. It is not easy.
So, the Holy Spirit gives us patience and self-control.
Patience and self-control make our love complete in Christ.

Love is obedience, a will, and a determination.
What does it mean in our spiritual life?
If you love Christ, you pray even when you don’t want to pray.
You love someone even when you don’t feel like it.
(This someone may be yourself.)
You give thanks and praise for that person even though you don't feel like it.
Then we experience the stronger presence of God in our life.

When you love Jesus, you want to give everything and live for Christ.
So, some people give up their easy life and serve the poor.
So, some people leave their home countries and start living in a foreign country to share the love of God.
They just want to do the works that God is designing for them.

The Bible says that our relationship with Jesus is like a spiritual marriage.
If we love Jesus, we want to be with him, in good days and bad days.
We want to be with him when we feel peace and safety, when we feel sad and suffering.
We would want to be with Jesus through thick and thin.
We want to love Christ at all circumstances, just like God loves us.
We want to give thanks to Christ regardless to what happens to us.
We want to give thanks, when our life seems unbearable.
Thinking about Jesus, we rather comfort those who are suffering.
Following Jesus, getting inspired by Jesus, you get to know the Holy Spirit and experience the power of God.
Then people around you will also feel the power of the Holy Spirit and the presence of God through your life.


Call to Worship

It is good to give thanks to God.
It is good to sing praises to your name, O Most High.
It is good to declare your steadfast love in the morning,
It is good to speak of your faithfulness by night.
O God, you have made us glad by your work.
I sing for joy at the works of your hands.