Matt 5:21-37

A children sermon: Matt 5:21-37

Object: A bandage, a long sticky tape (to put two toys together), two animal toys (e.g., a tiger and a bear) and scissors

Good morning!
Do you know what this is?
Right, it is a bandage.
Have you ever used this before?
Sometimes, when you get a little hurt, you put this bandage on it.
Then you can go out and play again, right?
I use a lot f these for these guys.

Let me introduce my friends.
(Tiger and bear)
But I have a problem with these guys.
They fight all the time.
So, when I try to make them friends again, the tiger says:
“It is all his fault. He started it.” Or the bear says, “He is so annoying. It is all his fault. He started it.”
So, I have a question. What should I do?

Sometimes, I want to do like this.
I want to put this sticky tape around them and leave like that, until they become friends again.

What do you think it is a good idea?
No, I cannot do that.

Then I thought about God.
Sometimes, people fight with each other or have some argument with each other, right?
God also wants all of us to live in peace.
God wants all of us to be friends.

But what does God do to make them friends again?
What do you think?
Does God use this sticky tape? No.
God is simply asking us to go and tell the other:
“I forgive you or I am sorry that it ever happened.”
Sometimes, this may be a difficult thing to say.
But in this way, we can forgive and become friends again.
Then we can go out and play together, right.

But what if our friend is having a difficult time forgiving us?
Then I guess we need to wait patiently until they can forgive.
We may pray for them.
It is not easy sometimes.

But I hope we keep on forgiving and making friends with each other until Jesus comes. I think that is what God wants us to do, right?

Let’s pray: thank you Jesus for forgiving us. Help us to forgive one other. In your name we pray. Amen.