Matthew 5:38-48

A children sermon
Reading: Matthew 5:38-48
Prop: two animal toys (a pig and a cow)

Do you know what these are, right?
These are my friends.
Last week I said that they fight all the time.
This week they fight again.
But something interesting happened.
This piggy didn’t want to fight back.
This week, this piggy was very patient with this cow.
This piggy just let this cow have his day.

If the cow wanted to borrow some of his toys, the piggy just let him have it.
If the cow wanted him to play, the piggy just went along with it.
Whatever the cow asked him, the piggy just gave it.
I was amazed.
Then slowly, this cow did the same.

Then I think about God who was also kind to everyone.
God gives sunshine to both the good people and the bad people.
God gives good things to both good people and bad people.
God is good to everyone, because God is perfect.
God does nice things even when people are mean to God.
Do you know why?
It is because God knows that God cannot change people by being mean to them.
Being mean to them cannot solve any problems.
At the same time, God teaches us not to try to change people by being mean to them.
In fact, Jesus asks us to give, when someone ask us to do something or give something, just like this piggy did this week.
Jesus asks us to be a good person, whether people treat us nicely or not.
Jesus asks us to be kind person whether people are kind to us or not.
Then God can truly bless you. You will experience God’s blessing on your life.
Let’s pray: Thank you God for who you are. Help us to be like you. Amen.